Vinyasa Yoga

Angela Kukhahn in Upward Facing Dog in the Tuscan sunflower fields (yoga pose) photo by Tara Rice This is the style of yoga that I teach. Vinyasa Flow yoga stems from
Ashtanga Yoga. The word vinyasa means to place in a special way. The phrase “take a vinyasa” makes reference to a series of postures meant to build heat, as well as strengthen and stretch every muscle in the body!

Taking a vinyasa refers specifically to the poses downward dog, plank, chaturenga, and upward facing dog practiced with rhythm and breath. The thing that I enjoy about this is that our bodies are naturally set to rhythm and this particular sequence of postures speaks to our own innate nature.

Vinyasa yoga although a blanket term generally refers to a fairly athletic kind of yoga so be prepared to sweat! This type of yoga is a great way to get in shape physically as it not only strengthens and stretches the muscles but it also is good cardio!

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