Kripalu Yoga

Home_yoga Kripalu warrioKripalu
puts a great emphasis on the mechanics of Yoga –
proper breath and alignment – as well as in the inner, spiritual
dimensions of Yogic practice. Students are encouraged to honor “the
wisdom of the body” and to work according to the limits of their
individual flexibility and strength.

There are Three Stages in Kripalu Yoga:
Stage One focuses on learning the postures and exploring
your body’s abilities.

Stage Two involves holding the postures for an extended
time, developing concentration and inner awareness.

Stage Three is called “Meditation in Motion,” in which
movement from one posture to another arises unconsciously and

Kripalu Yoga was developed by Yogi Amrit Desai, who
was inspired by his teacher, Swami
, a Kundalini Yoga master from India.

The history of the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health had its beginnings
in 1966 when Yogi Amrit Desai founded the Yoga Society of
Pennsylvania, a nonprofit organization providing yoga classes and
training for yoga teachers. The name of the Society was later
changed to Kripalu Yoga Fellowship (“Kripalu”), the nonprofit and
charitable organization that still operates Kripalu Center.

Kripalu honors all traditional and contemporary spiritual teachings
that support the individual’s direct experience of Spirit. For more
information about Kripalu Yoga, visit: Reposted from this
fabulous website:

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