Alan finger-meditation-for-blogThe ISHTA system is a style of yoga that is
dynamic, approachable and safe for all ages and abilities.
ISHTA Yoga combines asana, pranayama and
meditation for a comprehensive physical and spiritual practice.

The word ISHTA has a two-fold definition. ISHTA is an acronym for
the Integrated Science of Hatha – the
physical practice of yoga that creates balance, Tantra – the yogic
philosophy that recognizes the perfection in all beings and
Ayurveda – the Indian science of healing.

In addition Ishta is a Sanskrit word meaning
personalized” or “individualized“. This reflects
the tradition’s aim of helping each student develop their
own unique, holistic practice that meets his or her own personal
. Recognizing the uniqueness of the individual soul,
ISHTA is a style of yoga designed to empower the individual
to discover more about their true self.

ISHTA yoga embraces elements from a variety of styles and seeks to
help its students discover the exact blend of postures, breathing,
and meditation techniques necessary to bring out their fullest
potential. Ishta classes will incorporate the gentle, flowing poses
of Viniyoga, an adaptation
of the more vigorous poses of Ashtanga yoga, the careful alignment
and use of props of Iyengar
, as well as including various forms of advanced yogic
breathing (pranayama), meditation and relaxation.

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