Dahn Yoga

Dahn Yoga® (also known as Dahn Hak® or Dahnhak®)
is a holistic health and training program that empowers individuals
to manage their own bodies well in order to become more healthy,
happy and peaceful.

Dahn Yoga Centers accomplish
this mission through the creation of tools to foster the health and
well-being of the individual, family and society as a whole. In
Korean, “Dahn” means energy, vitality, and origin of
, and “Hak” means study, philosophy, and
. Dahnhak® is the study of energy (Ki, Chi) and how
to use it for personal empowerment by restoring mind-body
communication based on brain.

Dahn Yoga® emphasizes the brain because it is the thing that
creates and controls every aspect of human life. Health, feeling
and experience, physical movement, motivation and purpose- all of
these are based on brain activity. All life can be improved by
better use of our brains. Dahn Yoga® classes include stretching,
breathing exercises, meditation, martial arts and energy work.

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