Yoga and Fitness Streamed LIVE: CNN Gives Yogis Anonymous a Shout Out!

Anita Avalos enjoys yoga via Yogis Anonymous at home!

I was so stoked to see Yogis Anonymous get a mention on CNN for their LIVE streaming yoga classes!

What could be better than fitness and yoga brought to you in the comforts of your own home? CNN gives a shout out to streaming LIVE online classes, because let’s face it watching the  same ‘ol DVD gets pretty darn boring!

I grew up in the sticks where the nearest yoga studio or gym was a good 30min drive and the few class times they offered were either the wrong level inconvenient times for me. Forget about getting to take from a variety of instructors and styles it was very limited as far as choices go.

So there I was with my videos. Boooooorrrrring. I knew the tapes so well I would tell the jokes before the instructor…things were a bit stale to say the least!

Another place I lived I would drive an hour and fifteen minutes to my yoga classes. Needless to say my yoga practice suffered. I couldn’t always make it to class so I would do my yoga at home. Unfortunately my home practice lacked enthusiasm and soon begun to feel like a chore. Flash forward to me now living in the yoga land of plenty Los Angeles a.k.a. “Mecca” so to speak for yogis everywhere.

Interestingly enough I still find there are times where I am not able to make it to my favorite teachers/classes and feel so lucky to be able to do a fresh practice online with some truly amazing teachers!

“Tittibasana and Friends” Full Length Online Yoga class via the Yogis Anonymous Website.

Krista Cahill in Tittibasana. Ad for Hard Tail clothing. Photo by Jasper JohalHere is another Full length online yoga class via the Yogis Anonymous website.

The inner thigh area is for a lot of us both weak and tight! Todays flow works to open and strengthen this area! We explore variations for Tittibasana for those with tight wrists and shoulders and Visvamistrasana prep and full pose with props! Plenty of flow and inversions throughout!

The playlist for this is Vinyasa Yoga Music Playlist No. 13. (with link to itunes PING playlist so you can easily download the songs) Enjoy Yogis!

Photo Credits: Photo of Krista Cahill in ad for Hard Tail clothing and photo by Jasper Johal

“Sweaty Sunday Flow” Full Length Online Yoga class via the Yogis Anonymous Website.

Angela Kukhahn on the beach doing yogaHere is another Full length online yoga class via the Yogis Anonymous website.

This class is all about strengthening core and detoxing with twists. Sprinkle in plenty of headstands, dolphin and handstands and you have a class with plenty of movement and sweat!

The playlist for this is Vinyasa Yoga Music Playlist No. 12. (with link to itunes PING playlist so you can easily download the songs) Enjoy Yogis!

“Inversion Heaven” Full length online yoga class via the Yogis Anonymous Website

yoga students in locust at Operation Shanti fundraiser photo by Hale DavisHere is another Full length online yoga class via the Yogis Anonymous website.

This class focuses building core strength with plank variations,ab work and crow pose. We then explore dolphin, a fun variation on headstand for the beginner or inflexible student and handstands! The playlist for this is Vinyasa Yoga Music Playlist No. 11. (with link to itunes PING playlist so you can easily download the songs) Enjoy Yogis!

This Sunday Tune in for a Streaming LIVE Yoga Class via Yogis Anonymous Website

Sunday April 10, 8:00AM – 9:30AM Pacific Standard Time:

Angela KukhahnFLOW ‘N’ GO 

An intermediate/advanced vinyasa flow class with ANGELA KUKHAHN

A sweet, sweaty flow for those on the go. Angela will keep you breathing, sweating, and flowing in myriad creative and thoughtfully designed sequences, peppering in the occasional playful inversion or arm balance option. Best for those already familiar with basic postures.

For the complete livestream schedule at Yogis Anonymous click HERE

Roll Out! (the yoga mat) Making Home Yoga Practice FUN!

Angela Kukhahn in Warrior 1 pose (Vhirabhadrasana 1) on the beach. Photography by Leelu MorrisThe road to an unsuccesful attempt at a home yoga practice is paved with good intentions and ….oh yeah,… boredom.

I find the thinking part is what kills the mood for me. You know, you start out good, you put the tinkling bells/yoga music on the iPod dock, clear a spot on the floor for your yoga mat, burn the sage to clear the  room of lingering food smells, climb on the yoga mat and then,…well,… thenuh, then you realize, you have no plan.

Maybe you do a couple of half-hearted sun salutes. Then its ‘wait for inspiration to strike’ while breathing in down dog. Which morphs into a having a ‘I-have-no-idea-what-I-should-do-next-now-mini-yoga-panic’. (followed by the mini ‘guilt session’ for freaking out about practicing yoga. You scold yourself with thoughts like how ridiculous you are for freaking out about yoga for god’s sake,… yoga you chastise yourself! I mean yoga is supposed to be relaxing! Uh oh,… you are doing it again! Argh!)

Now things have gotten awkward,….

Out of sheer determination however, you press on and finish the next three postures. Then you hear the phone ring and it may as well be God calling because at this point you are looking for anything to distract you!

It’s okay, you are not alone.

Finding ways to stay inspired on your mat while staying focused on the breath is  a challenge, and I am here to help!

While searching for inspiration the other day I came across This blog is a brilliant little gem! Her motto “ONE YOGA SEQUENCE, EVERY DAY!” Chock full of inspiring sequences and a few brand new poses (“emma” is a new fave of mine) I highly recommend you home practice yoga warriors to check it out! (of course as always exercise caution when trying new poses alone, it is hard to see if you are in alignment) The blogger is a real sweetie and you will enjoy her ‘lil tidbits of advice, humour and the overall joy with which she infuses her online yoga space.

Here is a Emergen-C water toast to your next home yoga practice session, may it be joyful, inspired and fun, fun, FUN!

FREE Live Broadcasts from Yogis Anonymous, Week of April 4 – 11

FREE Live Broadcasts from Yogis Anonymous, Week of April 4 – 11

This event is a yoga class at Yogis Anonymous!

Start Time:
Sunday, April 4, 2010 at 12:00am
End Time:
Sunday, April 11, 2010 at 12:00am
Everywhere! YA Kula Goin’ Global!!
As you may already know, we have been testing our live video streaming service for the last several weeks. This past Sunday we allowed a preview of this service for the first time, broadcasting Ally Hamilton’s class to a live audience spanning 4 continents. We also maintained a link to the recorded broadcast for those who missed it live.

This week, we are continuing our testing, and we invite you to participate in any of the following LIVE YOGA CLASSES from home via your DSL or broadband internet connection:

MONDAY April 5, 9:00AM – 10:30AM PST
Krista Cahill – “Bala’nce Yoga” – Level 2/3*

TUESDAY April 6, 6:30PM – 8:00PM PST
Brock Cahill – “Flight Club” – Level 2/3*

* Expect a highly challenging flow with plenty of arm-balancing and inversions!

WEDNESDAY April 7, 4:15PM – 5:45PM PST
Ashley Turner – “East Meets West” – All Levels

FRIDAY April 9, 2:30PM – 3:45PM PST
Charlie Samos – “Charlie’s Vinyasa Flow” – All Levels

If you are in the local LA area, please come and participate in person! I dare say there’s something oddly thrilling about knowing that if you sneeze while you’re in bakasana, people on 4 different continents might say “bless you!” (or they may applaud ;))

If you are too far away to be in the room, you can join the live group energy from wherever you are. Be a part of the OM that truly resonates across the globe!

And if you miss any of these live broadcasts, the next best thing is taking the class whenever it’s convenient for you! And as many times as you want! For FREE!

“YA Kula Goes Global!”

Here’s the link to all live broadcasts this week:

*** for those attending in person, please note that approximately 1/3 of the room is ON CAMERA during the broadcast, and most of the room is NOT. Meaning, you can still come and you won’t have to be a part of the broadcast if you don’t want to be. The privacy and respect of our beloved students are sacrosanct and will never be compromised.

Yogaless in Seattle + Yogis Anonymous Online Class= Problem Solved

Check out what The Hot and Healthy Blog had to say about Yogis Anonymous making yoga classes available online HERE.

Yes, its true we (Yogis Anonymous teachers) are soon going to be making ALL of our classes available online! So exciting!

For a taste of what is to come or if you too need some yoga right this minute in the comfort of your home watch the wonderful Ally Hamilton’s FREE online yoga class HERE.