“Tittibasana and Friends” Full Length Online Yoga class via the Yogis Anonymous Website.

Krista Cahill in Tittibasana. Ad for Hard Tail clothing. Photo by Jasper JohalHere is another Full length online yoga class via the Yogis Anonymous website.

The inner thigh area is for a lot of us both weak and tight! Todays flow works to open and strengthen this area! We explore variations for Tittibasana for those with tight wrists and shoulders and Visvamistrasana prep and full pose with props! Plenty of flow and inversions throughout!

The playlist for this is Vinyasa Yoga Music Playlist No. 13. (with link to itunes PING playlist so you can easily download the songs) Enjoy Yogis!

Photo Credits: Photo of Krista Cahill in ad for Hard Tail clothing and photo by Jasper Johal