Why Dynamic Stretching Rocks: Get Rid Of Your “The Fuzz”

You just have to watch the video I’ve posted above by Gil Hedley on fascia, stretching and what he calls “The Fuzz”.

“The Fuzz”?

Yes, the fuzz!

(nutshell) “The fuzz” is fascia, and it grows on us at night like moss on an old log. It needs stretching and that’s why yoga feels so darn good.

You see, I fell in love with yoga for the same reason most people fall in love with yoga. (No, it’s not so I have an excuse to prance around all day in stretchy pants instead of real clothes, although that is a definite perk!)That absolutely scrumptious feeling of juicy stretchiness after a few rounds of Surya Namaskara-ing and good ‘ol down dogging.


So what causes that feeling and why does it feel so darn delicious anyways?

Well for one thing we are feeling some stretch in our muscles wich release endorphins. Secondly we are stretching the fascia which is connective tissue that actually encases our muscles (The mossy fuzz stuff I was telling you about, it encases our muscles kinda like a thin sock on a foot.)

Here Jill Miller of Yoga Tune Up describes this process and why dynamic stretching is so important…

“When we move our bodies fully, encouraging motion into every joint and muscle fiber in the body, we aid in loosening up adhesions that regularly grow between the sliding surfaces of muscles all over our body. When we are stagnant, we literally grow internal moss all over our musculature. This “inner moss” is fascia, an important connective tissue webbing that strings our body together. However, fascia can grow like an inner scab over places in our body that are not utilized for movement. Sometimes this is helpful, for example in protecting a muscle that has been injured. However, fascia does not distinguish between an injured muscle and a “lazy” or underused muscle. It will just grow and continue to restrict movement unless it is regularly mobilized, as in a massage or specific motions that help activate heat and stretch within the muscles, tendons and connective tissues.

When we dynamically stretch away our restrictions by breaking apart our tension areas, we feel better physiologically and psychologically!”

So keep it moving and stay moss free!

Yoga for the Athlete: Excellent Tips for the Yogi Runner

Here is an excellent article on yoga and running I found over at Daily Cup of Yoga blog.

This article has a complete sequence of yoga poses specifically for runners along with pictures (always helpful) With running yoga is especially helpful as it helps to prevent injury, increase stride length, and loosen the pesky IT band that tends to be particularly troublesome for athletes!

Yoga is the perfect compliment to running as it loosens the hips, hamstrings and lower back muscles which will improve your posture while you run. Improved posture also means improved breathing, which of course means better athletic performance! Yoga is to Running as Yin is to Yang

Yoga + Basketball: Pro Basketball Players Who Practice Yoga

Yoga + Basketball: Pro Basketball Players Who Practice Yoga

Although many men may still think of yoga as something for women only, it is fast catching on with pro basketball players and male athletes! Check out this list of some of the all time greats who practice yoga regularly and consider yoga essential to their success on the basketball court.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

20 years in pro basketball. (Many consider Abdul-Jabbar to be the greatest center, maybe the greatest player, in basketball history) “There is no way I could have played as long as I did without yoga. My friends and teammates think I made a deal with the devil. But it was yoga that made my training complete,” he says.

Shaquielle O’Neal

“I’m the worst yoga student in the history of yoga,” says O’Neal. Still has a special mat being made for his gigantic frame and liked the heat and purifying effects of the practice. To read the article CLICK HERE .

Antawn Jamis

Although he first admits he thought of yoga as “feminine”, Antawn began to appreciate yoga when he noticed less wear and tear on his body from regular practice. Watch him talk about the benefits of yoga practice and do some yoga here on YouTube
Kevin Garnett

NBA superstar “I’ve been doing yoga since 1995, and I practice my breathing and focusing exercises before every game.”

LeBron James

“Yoga isn’t just about the body, it’s also about the mind, and it’s a technique that has really helped me,” James said. “You do have to focus because there’s some positions that can really hurt you at times if you aren’t focused and breathing right.” He says that yoga has really helped his back, and he finds the practice mentally challenging. Read more about what some of his favorite poses are HERE WATCH LEBRON TEACH KIDS YOGA HERE