How You Can Help Save An Endangered Species By Doing Handstands!

Brock and Krista Cahill HandstandingBrock and Krista Cahill really rocked it today over at Yogis Anonymous with a fantastic turnout and show of support to save the endangered sea turtles!

Ally Hamilton owner of Yogis Anonymous wrote about this event saying

Brock Cahill, in less than a week, has organized a significant local effort to address the tragic environmental disaster in the Gulf. His mission: to go to the Gulf and personally get involved. We are inspired by his activism and deeply grateful for the ability of yogis everywhere to mobilize and make a difference in our world… our childrens’ world.

Are you ready to join in the fun?

Click HERE to view and/or participate in the online class!

To make a donation to support this amazing cause please contact Brock at

Some inspiration for your donations 🙂
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