What Yoga Pose are You?

What Yoga Pose Are You 2 Second Quiz!!!

I know this has been a burning question for many of you,…

finally the moment of truth

And literally it only takes a moment …

I am Warrior 3,

basically that means I am a yoga badass…Badasse’ to all of you Italians (sorry I only translate to Italians on this blog,..I will try to learn badass in a few more languages soon!)

You Are Warrior III
“You are open and fearless. You just go for it in life!
You aren’t afraid to fail, but you rarely do fail.

You are patient. You know that the best things in life don’t come easily or quickly.
You are both flexible and powerful. You don’t have many disadvantages.”

Well, enough about me, lets talk about you! Please post what you are and their description of what it means! 🙂