My Least Favorite Thing My Yoga Teacher Does Poll

You voted on what you think the The Worse Yoga Offense by your fellow yogis are . Not surprisingly bad body odour came out on top! Followed by people letting their cell phone ring during yoga and leaving loudly while you are trying to get your relaxation on in savasana.
So, in all fairness I thought I’d put myself and other teachers in the hot seat to hear what you had to say…..

What’s Your Yoga Type? The Yoga “Cheat Sheet”

Angela Kukhahn and one of her first teachers Rachel Sellars in front of YogacoWe all have heard from the friend, loved one or relative who tried yoga once and is now convinced that it is “boring”, “just stretching” or they “chant too much”.

Of course there are a many different kinds of yoga, each with their individual goodness, and unique challenges as well.

Yoga truly is for everyone!

Not only is it good to know what your options are, but it is also helpful when speaking with a yoga newbie to have an idea in which direction to point them.

Here is a helpful little “yoga cheat sheet” to help you figure out where you should be parking your mat and maybe even clue you into some knew styles that you might enjoy.

Yoga Cheat Sheet from

Good Luck and happy yoga-ing!

Yoga + The Chakras: Your Chakra Test (And What Mine Said)


A fun yoga quiz that tests which chakras are in balance.

Chakras and how you know which ones are working/not working is beyond my scope of expertise however I did find this really entertaining, interesting and possibly pretty true chakra test online the other day and thought I would share it with you guys. Take this chakra and see for yourself.

The Chakra Test

My results

Root: open (38%)
Sacral: open (50%)
Navel: open (38%)
Heart: open (56%)
Throat: open (63%)
Third Eye: open (69%)
Crown: open (50%)

Of course I do not know how correct this test is, however it is fun, and I thought mine was enlightening in and fairly true. See for yourself, but most importantly do it for fun and don’t take it too seriously if you find out that your chakras are imbalanced as I do not think that was the intention behind it.

What Dosha is Your State of Mind?

Ayurveda is the sister science to yoga going back thousands of years. According to this system we are one of three predominate types, these are called Doshas. Finding out what type you are is helpful in maintaining good health and wellbeing.

Life’s stressors can easily throw us out of balance. Knowing what can get us back on track is important. Unfortunately when you are out of balance we often crave whatever it is that threw us off balance in the first place.

Take this quiz to see what mind/body state you are currently now experiencing to help you determine what areas could be more balanced.


If You do not already know what your Dosha is please take THIS QUIZ first

This quiz is found at this site

What is Your Dosha?

Ayurveda is the sister science to yoga. The way they approach their medicine begins with figuring out what someones dominate dosha or body/mind type is. We are usually a bit mixed but knowing what type you are can help you better understand the things you need to keep yourself in a state of balance.

Find out what your dosha is here

I found this quiz on

According to this quiz I am Tridoshic, meaning I am almost equal parts of all three.