This World Is No Match For Your Love ~ Poem By Rumi

MauiThe World is no Match for your Love

This world is no match for your Love.
Being away from you
is death aiming to take my soul away.
My heart, so precious,
I won’t trade for a hundred thousand souls.
Your one smile takes it for free.

~ Rumi

– From: ‘Hush Don’t Say Anything to God: Passionate Poems of Rumi’

Translated by Sharam Shiva

Quote/Photo of the Day ~ The Beloved

SurfingYesterday at dawn
my friend said, how long
will this unconsciousness go on?

You fill yourself with
the sharp pain of love
rather than its fulfillment

I said “but I can’t get to you!
You are the whole dark night,
And I am one single candle

My life is upside down
because of you!”

The friend replied, I am
your deepest being
Quit talking about wanting me!

I said, “Then what is this

The friend:
Does a drop stay still in the ocean?

~ Rumi