Are You a Yoga Bully?

Have you ever considered that you may be bullying yourself in your own yoga practice?

No, I did not write this article to scold you for forgetting to sign in to class, to tell you what a naughty yogi you are for coming in late, nor will I make you admit and apologize for “The farts of yoga classes past”. (No more pre-yoga burritos people)

When I use the term bully it is more in terms of how you approach your own personal practice.

Sure, we all have good intentions. At least for the first five seconds before we get thrown the first karmic curveball.

You just so happen to roll out your yoga mat next to the person twisting themselves into Cirque de Soliel worthy shapes…

Of course then our friend ‘Mr Ego’ decides to pay a visit to your mat.

You know you should feel content (santosha) breathing next to your bendy classmate in your suddenly meager looking half splits. And for the next three long seconds you really do try, you really do…

But, the next thing you know you are trying to push your poor little bottom down the last two inches into the full splits. (Ta Da!)

Your dear little bottom doesn’t like it one bit, but it goes down. (Ouch!)

Sure, basking in the glory of full Hanumanasana Splits is undoubtedly exciting! Pulled groin muscle and ice pack? Not so much!

Over at the YisforYogini blog my friend writes

“I resist my limits. I like to believe I have none. In effect, I spend much of my practice not truly listening to myself (the real me, not my football coach alter-ego). I am aware, however, and this means I can change. I, too, can be a sensualist!”

Read the full article HERE its brilliant!

She talks about being either a Yoga Pusher or a Yoga Sensualist. What are you? Are you listening or are you pushing?

Fear and all its Friends

You know exactly how to do it.

What is holding you back?


Fear is like a weed that attaches itself to your soul and sucks the life giving blood from your veins. If you allow yourself to be a fertile feeding ground it runs rampant devouring everything it touches.

It will find your weaknesses and exploit them, be it love relationships, career moves, or physical manifestations. It is indiscriminate, relentless and devoid of reason.

Yoga provides a way to face your fears head on and breath by beautiful breath dissolve them. I am not going to tell you this will be easy! This is Hard work!!! However if you are ready to practice being present with your fears and dig up the very root of where they have taken hold start your journey today!

Not tomorrow, or a better time!


Tomorrow your fear will have grown stronger,.. like a parasite, and you its willing host!

Be strong, be free, be willing to look into the dark corners of your being and uproot where fear has made its stronghold.

Start being the abundant talented and glorious human being you were put on this planet to be!

One step away from fear is one step closer to life!