Funny Music Video “Not Berkely Enough” with Fog and Smog

Here is another opportunity to laugh with DJ Dave rapping about wether he is still “Berkeley Enough”…

I can’t get enough of these guys these days and although this is not my absolute fave it’s hilarious and so well put together like the rest of the videos from Fog and Smog.

These guys are legends in my books! Enjoy!

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Whole Foods Parking Lot

Put Your Phone Down

Yoga Girl Video

Hilarious Music Video: Put Your Phone Down! By Fog and Smog

Here I present to you another music video gem by Fog and Smog! If you loved Whole Foods Parking Lot (and who didn’t?) and Yoga Girl (could be my favorite being a yoga girl myself) then you will laugh to your little hearts delight at this new funny music video by our boys from the bay!

Here it is a hilarious music video on the urban annoyance of people glued to their mobile devices (As I pause to answer a text…just kidding) Thank you Fog and Smog for this public service announcement!

Funny Video: Yoga Flash Mob Takes Over the 3rd St Promenade

Funny Video: Yoga Flash Mob Takes Over the 3rd St Promenade

It’s true what you’ve heard, us yogis have ALL the fun!

Many of you ahve probably seen the “No Pants Subway Ride” by Improv Everywhere in NYC. Watch this for an improv bit of yoga here in Santa Monica on the 3rd St Promenade!

Very Funny!

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Random Acts of Yoga: Yogi Flash Mob Takes Over the 3rd St Promenade