The Hot Yoga Debate

Heating The Yoga Room VS. Not Heating The Yoga Room


1. Doing yoga in a heated room warms up the muscles, bones, and ligaments making you less likely to injure yourself and helps increases flexibility.

2. Exercising in the heat increases your tolerance to heat which tends to decline as we age, which is dangerous!

3. You increase blood volume, improve cooling ability, make changes in sweating, increase the vasculature that helps circulation, cooling and exercising at the same time, increase specific chemical compounds in the body that improve health and ability to exercise.

4. When your body heats up it produces heat shock protein. Heat shock proteins protect other proteins in your body from infection, starvation, heat, cold, and other damaging conditions.This is valuable since proteins are the building blocks of the body!

5. Heat shock proteins mobilize immune function against infections and diseases, even cancer.

6. You will experience increased aerobic fitness due to heat adaption.

7. Sweat is beneficial for your skin and body.

8. Air conditioning is not good for you. AC does prevent initial discomfort, but reduces benefits and the ability to be comfortable in the heat. Filters in an air conditioners are often times full of mold spores, bacteria, and something we all shed on a daily basis, dead skin.Yuck!

This is not a free pass to go crazy, and crank the heat, moderation is a key. Go slowly listen to your body, one breath at a time and everything will be fine. Enjoy!