What’s Your Yoga Type? The Yoga “Cheat Sheet”

Angela Kukhahn and one of her first teachers Rachel Sellars in front of YogacoWe all have heard from the friend, loved one or relative who tried yoga once and is now convinced that it is “boring”, “just stretching” or they “chant too much”.

Of course there are a many different kinds of yoga, each with their individual goodness, and unique challenges as well.

Yoga truly is for everyone!

Not only is it good to know what your options are, but it is also helpful when speaking with a yoga newbie to have an idea in which direction to point them.

Here is a helpful little “yoga cheat sheet” to help you figure out where you should be parking your mat and maybe even clue you into some knew styles that you might enjoy.

Yoga Cheat Sheet from  about.com

Good Luck and happy yoga-ing!