Hope, Believe, Just Be

“Hope is a thing with feathers
that perches on the soul,
and sings the tune without the words
and never stops at all”

– Emily Dickenson

One of the rare lines of poetry that I can recite from heart. I think that hopes and dreams cannot be overstated. These are what get us through the rough patches. This is what makes us ignore overwhelming difficulties and reach beyond for a better day.

You are never so hopeless that you cannot dream. There is no place so low that dreams are not possible. Believe in yourself, this is the first step. Stay true to yourself, invest yourself in right actions. You have no control over the rest. Do not become disheartened by things that are not under your control. The yoga teaches us to show up, do our best work and then let it go.

Control is an illusion.

Let it Go…

Forget what should be or what ought to be. Be with what is, breath with it, move inside the present moment. Progress cannot be made when we are avoiding the what is.

When you take the energy you previously used trying to control situations and apply it to right action you will become like a Phoenix rising from the ashes of your past.

Break free of doubt, cynicism and fear…

Believe that good will overcome.

It always does.