Yoga Inspiration ~ Surfing Gravity With The Gravity Cowboy

Surfing gravity never looked so effortless! This video is of Yogis Anonymous yoga teacher Brock Cahill ride the wave of gravity in this short yoga demo video.

He glides into several variations of handstand, floats into planche’, cruises into dwi pada koundinyasana, and then breezes into navasana!

Emergency Booty Shakin Session for the Turtles

My friends and yoga teachers Brock Cahill and Krista Cahill are doing something incredible that I thought I should tell you all about.

This is an e-mail that Brock sent around today and it is really amazing and touching how he has taken the fate of these wonderful creatures on as a personal mission and challenge. Please read on and help if you can with your love and donations!

From Brock:

dear sweet yogis,

i know you’ve been hearing alot about the tragedy in the gulf, and i have been doing my best to bring even more awareness to it.

as you probably know by now, endangered turtles are being smothered in oil, sufficated, toxicated, burned alive, and and put at massive risk for extinction.
turtles covered in oil
many of you have heard about my mission to get involved. i really appreciate all the support and encouragement that you have lent me.
mission statement: Event Profile on Facebook

you too can get involved! tomorrow morning, saturday july 3, at 10 am we will be holding an emergency fundraiser at yogis anonymous in santa monica to bring home the bacon, and raise some vibration! i really hope you can join us! if you cant join us in person, we will be streaming the class live to all of you out there in neverneverland. we will have an energetic vinyasactivism yoga practice to channel our bodies, minds, and souls toward positive change. everyone is welcome. please tell everyone you know, bring all your friends, and lets get active. this is what we have been practicing toward all these years. to truly stand up, in the face of tremendous challenge and against great odds, for what is right and respond with steady, calm, and undying strength.

many of you have been asking about how you can donate. i am currently in the process of incorporating with a non profit, so that we can funnel the funds through legal channels, and so that you (big hitter that you are) can get a tax credit for your massive donation! great news! the plan is coming together! i will be available to answer any and all questions tomorrow, and if you cant make it by, you can email me with questions, or your pledge to donate.

i cant thank you guys enough for your passion, and your willingness to get involved. yoga can change the world! the yoga community can change the world. especially if we take our practice with us into life.

love, and namaste,

turtle covered in oil

Yoga: Fear,Freedom and Falling Down

“As fear is close companion to falsehood, so truth follows fearlessness.”

— Jawaharlar Nehru


A conversation about handstand a year ago would have consisted of a long list of excuses of why I could not do them.

I am too flexible

My shoulders are too weak

I am too scared

blah, blah, blah..

We can call them ‘obstacles’ or ‘excuses’, but we all have them.

Obstacles are put in our path so that we can to grow. Its our job to show up on our mats and in our lives and face our fears breath by breath, day by day.

I wrote earlier about how I finally achieved a Handstand away from the wall and today I am writing to celebrate falling out of a Handstand.

Falling you say?

Yes! Falling!

My good friend and yoga teacher Krista Cahill (pictured above with husband Brock Cahill who is also a yoga teacher here in Santa Monica at Yogis Anonymous) Took me through falling out of Handstand guiding me step by step. I knew that only after I could fall seamlessly in any direction would I feel completely at ease. (Think about this, not being at ease is called disease,..that is what happens when we hold on to fear)

Falling gracefully is even more liberating than Handstand itself (although not as impressive a party trick mind you) as it gives you a kind of fearlessness that is beyond it. Beyond Handstand or any ‘yoga trick’. Learning to fall is about facing your fears and learning from them. It’s about improving the way you deal with the obstacles in your life. It’s about not just squeezing your eyes shut and praying for it to be over.

It’s about looking your fear right in the eyeball for a good ‘ol fashion stare down (think Clint Eastwood)

Okay, maybe not quite like that, but you get the idea…

When you know that you are safe, supported and capable, fear itself is obliterated.

Strength, support, knowledge, and experience these are the tools in the yogis tool box. These are what chases the fear out of its hiding places in our hearts and in our minds.