Unleashing the Magic: What Handstand Will Teach You

brian la river handstanding aloneYoga is not achieved by mere reading of the scriptures.
Hatha Yoga Pradipika I.65

Fresh back from Wanderlust Festival I am feeling inspired by the many yogis I met over my three days I spent “yoga-ing” it up on top of the mountain. As Brock and Krista Cahill’s assistant during my time there I had the pleasure of helping a lot of these fine yogis levitate 9,000 ft in the air in what for some of them, may have been their very first handstand! What an amazing experience!

What struck me in particular was the focus, effort, patience, and persistence these yogis showed. Nobody comes out of the womb handstanding, so if you want to learn how you must be willing to fall.

I would be willing to argue that the willingness to fall is one of the surest signs that someone will be successful at finding their handstand. I know from my personal experience when I became comfortable with falling was when I began to finally “get it”.

Handstand really brings up those spooky fear of the unknown. Learning it becomes an excercise in believing, and trusting not only in your own abilities but that if you fall (and you will sometimes) that everything is going to be okay.

Unlike poses like Warrior two you can’t see what is coming at you so easily, and you aren’t firmly rooted to the earth in preparation, you must learn to let go and believe that the universe (or the person spotting you) will catch you.

Believing that everything will be okay releases the magic. There is little room for doubt when you are balancing on your hands. If you want to receive what the universe has to offer you must let go and believe.

Yoga in Ibiza, Spain: Cool Yoga Demo Video

In this video is Los Angeles Yoga Teachers (from left) Brian Aganad, Krista Cahill, and Brock Cahill on Yoga Retreat Brock and Krista Cahill taught at last year in Ibiza Spain. It is just a cool short video of them doing their yoga practice. Very inspirational!

How To Do Flying Pigeon From A Forward Fold

Here is another yoga ‘How To’ video with Los Angeles yoga teacher Brian Aganad about how to do Flying Pigeon a popular yoga arm balance (Eka Pada Galavasana) from Half Bound Seated Lotus (Ardha Badha Paschimottanasana) a yoga pose that is a forward fold. It is filmed in HD on my ‘lil Flip camera. Feel free to request any yoga transitions or yoga poses that you would like to learn or know more about! Enjoy!

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Yogi Doing Handstand In Elevator (With Backpack and Manduka Black Mat On His Back)

Check out this HD video I took with my Flip Camera of Los Angeles based yoga teacher Brian Aganad doing a handstand in an elevator! He had his hat on so he could not see.

Handstand is incredibly challenging to do if you do not have a drishti to focus on. To add to that he has his backpack on and his Manduka Black mat strapped on his back as well. Enjoy!

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Yoga How To Video With Brian Aganad In HD: Half Crow From Marichyasana A

Enjoy this Yoga ‘How To’ Video with Los Angeles Yoga teacher Brian Aganad about how to do Eka Pada Bakasana a.k.a. Half Crow From Marichyasana A (forward fold) It is filmed in HD on my ‘lil Flip camera. Feel free to request any transitions/poses that you would like to learn or know more about! Enjoy!

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