Handstand Tutorial Part 4: Handstand Principles in Downward Dog and Handstand Jumps with Angela Kukhahn and Marysia Weiss

This is our 4th installment of our Handstand tutorial series (Watch Part 1 Handstand Prep, Part 2 Handstanding Principles in Tadasana, and Part 3 Finding Handstand in your Plank Pose if you missed them and to get an even deeper understanding of what we are talking about)

In this video me and my good friend Marysia Weiss (yogi, teacher and co-author of THEHotandHealthy Blog) talk about the principles of alignement in downward dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana) and Handstand (Adho Muhka Vrksasana) and their similarities. So in essence you can practice these principles every time you arrive in down dog as a way to build strength, and the muscle memory in your body in preparation for handstand! Enjoy!

Many thanks to my good friend and local wellness coach Sean Trace who did the filming of this video and to Yogis Anonymous for letting us film there!