Are You Addicted to Being Unhappy?

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Addicted to suffering?

Surely not, right?

As crazy as this may sound, many of us have become addicted to feeling bad. When things begin to get too good we find reasons and ways to be miserable.

Playing the victim is easy because we don’t have to take responsibility; it’s much easier to blame someone else for our own unhappiness than to face the fact that we may be creating our own problems. Ever notice how some people drag around their problems with them like some strange badge of honor?

Suffering is not a ‘badge of honor.’ It does not make you more interesting, more spiritual, or a better person. Perhaps for some suffering has long been associated with being a better person. I assure you however, playing the martyr for its sake alone, will not help you, or anyone else become more enlightened.

The problem with being the victim is you will miss out on experiencing the beauty of the present moment.

If we constantly are dredging up the issues of the past we make enjoying what ‘is’ impossible!

We all have an unlimited supply of Love-consciousness inside of our being. This unfaltering supply of love, fulfillment and creativity is always available to us whenever we want to tap into it. Until we reconnect to this source of unconditional love we will feel insecure, and incomplete.

When we experience love-consciousness, we realize that everything is perfect exactly as it is. This does not mean we shouldn’t want to improve our situations and grow. Evolution is the nature of life, and everything is always moving forward; but if we choose to embrace the beauty of what is happening right now, instead of focusing on what we perceive as wrong, love grows, instead of fear.

We must learn to be okay with the natural cycles of life. Letting go of feelings of sadness and regret. It is of the utmost importance for your own happiness to realize creation and destruction as natural parts of life.

We must learn to embrace simplicity and spontaneity and let go of the questions, controls, and opinions.

In order to find true freedom from suffering, we need to begin to find happiness within. As adults, we may resist taking responsibility for our own unhappiness. It’s easier to blame the enviroment we live in, our parents, lovers, friends, our bosses, and so on. We can change our external circumstances, but in reality that will never change anything.

The outside is just a mirror of our own discontent. Fulfillment, peace, joy, and love do not come from outside, they come from the inside.

If we find ourselves constantly chasing romance and feel an aching inside to be desired what we may be actually seeking is a distraction: the excitement and fantasy are just ways of avoiding the lack of love we feel within ourselves. When we truly connect to the love within ourselves, this need for distraction falls away. All the expectations we place on the outside and on our partners — all the reasons we feel unfulfilled within our relationships — just vanish, because we have created a relationship with ourselves. Once you have discovered love of self, romance might appear in your life as an added bonus, but it will no longer be a requirement for your contentment.

When people are complete within themselves, they stop needing to protect, control, or grasp because the nature of love, is to give to every aspect of itself. Love perceives itself in everything. It perceives no scarcity or lack.

We can find freedom from our addiction to suffering when we choose, instead, to focus on love.

Sugar and Cocaine : More in Common than You Might Think

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Refined Sugar is a drug?

I know you are shocked, but the truth is that sugar is the devil.

(As in evil guy, red tail, knobby horns, enjoys hurting people, yeah, that’s the guy)

It is highly addictive, robs your body of nutrients and leaves you in a weakened state craving your next ‘fix’.

Sure sounds like a drug to me.

Dr. David Reuben, author of Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Nutrition says,

“White refined sugar-is not a food. It is a pure chemical extracted from plant sources, purer in fact than cocaine, which it resembles in many ways. Its true name is sucrose and its chemical formula is C12H22O11.The chemical formula for cocaine is C17H21NO4. Sugar’s formula again is C12H22O11.For all practical purposes, the difference is that sugar is missing the “N”, or nitrogen atom.”

Blood sugar, in the form of glucose, is the basic fuel for all brain operation and physical activity. When we eat a lot of sugar it causes imbalances in our mental states. Our glands struggle to regulate the sugar levels in our bodies with the release of insulin.
The result?
A whole host of problems – especially high adrenaline, which makes you feel anxious and panicked. For some people this may lead to panic attacks and for others it leads to violence.

In his book, Diet, Crime and DelinquencyDr. Alexander G. Schauss, states

“Many mental ward and prison inmates are “sugarholics” and erratic emotional outbreaks often follow a sugar binge.”

Refined sugar resembles a drug in that during the refining process everything of food value is removed!!


What remains is something so indigestible that your body has to rob itself of vital nutrients to assimilate this toxin!

White sugar has a drug like effect on the body and is especially dangerous in the quantities consumed by the average American.

Did you know the average American consumes thirty teaspoons of this deadly stuff a day? The scary thing is, the average healthy digestive system can only digest and eliminate from two to four teaspoons of sugar daily, without noticeable problems. (for a lot of people two to four teaspoons barely covers their morning coffee, let alone breakfast!)
And how about if you are not a coffee drinker and say enjoy a nice cold Cola to wake up?

One twelve ounce Cola has eleven teaspoons of sugar!

In fact, sugar is the leading additive to food in the U.S! No wonder we are a nation of obese sugar-addicted junkies! Sugar is just as habit-forming as any narcotic; and the way it is abused is a national disaster!

Sadly, almostall of the products we consume daily are loaded with sugar!

Sugar gives you a quick energy ‘high’ so to speak, due to the rise of your blood sugar level. When the body responds with a release of insulin however your energy and endurance suddenly drops. Making you crave your next ‘high’, and the vicious cycle continues!

So why is it in just about everything we eat?

Sugar manufacturers are aggressive in defending their product and have a strong political lobby which allows them to continue push a deadly food item that keeps the nation fat, tired, sick and obese. Much like the drug cartels they are motivated by money and will stop at nothing to convince the average consumer that what they are eating is ‘natural’ and ‘healthy’. Funny thing is 90% of what is ‘natural’ has been removed-what remains is a deadly toxin that will disrupt the functions of your body and leave you sick, tired, and wanting more.

And now the real test…

Try it for yourself!

Leave sugar out of your diet for a couple of weeks and see how you feel.
Please note however, if you don’t feel amazing in the beginning it only means you are probably having a withdrawal because of the drug addiction you have acquired.

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