Funny Music Video “Not Berkely Enough” with Fog and Smog

Here is another opportunity to laugh with DJ Dave rapping about wether he is still “Berkeley Enough”…

I can’t get enough of these guys these days and although this is not my absolute fave it’s hilarious and so well put together like the rest of the videos from Fog and Smog.

These guys are legends in my books! Enjoy!

If you haven’t already seen them check out my earlier posts with more from these guys and their must see videos…

Whole Foods Parking Lot

Put Your Phone Down

Yoga Girl Video

Yoga Girl Video and Whole Foods Parking Lot

Did you miss the whole Foods parking lot video? How about Yoga Girl? These videos are a MUST see!

I predict the Yoga Girl video and Whole Foods parking lot videos being the  best music videos of 2011, but I guess I’m a bit biased! These yoga music videos are hilarious, genius even,…and it all takes lace in my back yard here in Santa monica, CA. Yup! I have friends in music videos now, I think that quite possibly just made me a little cooler.sweet.

If you are a yoga girl yourself you are probably know that those lululemons can sometimes garner attention  of the male variety, for better or for worse.

Case and point…

Monday I had just finished teaching a class and was about to eat lunch at Whole Foods with a friend and got asked by a couple of extra friendly guys to sit and have lunch. We declined, but I did give one of them my card when he said he wanted private yoga lessons. When he contacted me later that day it turns out he did indeed want  lessons, with one small caveat…it had to be naked. Very funny.Needless to say no lessons took place.

Then yesterday a kind gentleman struck up a conversation in line at Whole Foods (I am seeing a pattern here) and then asked me if he could hire me to be his yoga dominatrix. I laughed. He said “I’m serious”. I explained that although having my students hold plank pose in a hot room is probably somewhat similar, dominating someone was not my thing. We parted ways with him slightly disappointed and me giggling inside and wondering what the hell is up with yoga girls and guys who go to Whole Foods.

The Top 15 Unofficial Golden Rules to Live By

cartoon of guru on mountaintop

So here they are, The Top 15 Unofficial Golden Rules to Live By…according to your non-guru yogi sister Angela..

1. Say “I Love You” to those you care about as often as possible. Look past the petty stuff and blurt those words out as often as you can muster. You can’t say them enough!

2. Remember to say “Thank You”. Let’s face it, you have it goooooooooood! I mean for one thing you are reading my blog, which is a huuuuuuuuuuge! Jokes aside, gratitude is good for you! When you celebrate your blessings you magnify the pleasure you get from life.

3. You are fallible. Everyone is. Get over it!

4. Believe that good will overcome. It always does. Truth prevails.

5. Don’t burn bridges, you never know when you are going to have to take a stroll down the path you came up on.

6. Forgive others so that you may be forgiven. Hatred towards others is hatred for yourself disguised. Forgive yourself and forgive others. Hatred is heavy. Forgiveness is light. Let go!

7. Make your word your bond. If you don’t honor what you say, neither will anybody else.

8. Don’t play the martyr, because you’re not! Everybody has a cross to bear so carry yours with a smile. You might just inspire someone else to do the same.

9. Let your actions speak of your character instead of your words. Don’t say who you are. Be who you are! People who need to brag about themselves rarely live up to the hype.

10. Nice guys finish first. Sure, there are people who will say this isn’t true, and usually they fall into two categories. 1. People who are’t nice. 2. People who think they are nice but are worried they won’t finish first. Problem is, they are both missing the point. Karma catches up with the first kind and frankly the second kind just don’t get it. Doing the right thing is its on reward, and what comes back to you is simply icing on the cake.

11. Be yourself. It’s your story, tell it how you want to. Be different. Be silly. Be amazing! Do it now, and never look back!

12. Be Happy! If finding joy is not enlightenment then it’s pretty darn close!

13. Love! Love till it hurts, love till your heart breaks, and then do it again. Love unconditionally, love wildly, love  because love is all there is. If love is not the meaning of life, I don’t know what is. Love!

14. Don’t listen to the critics. Believe in yourself. Be your own biggest cheerleader. Just because it hasn’t been done doesn’t mean it can’t!

15. Laugh as often and as much as possible.

Handstand Tutorial Part 3: Finding Handstand in Plank Pose with Marysia Weiss and Angela Kukhahn

In Part 3 of this Handstand tutorial video series (watch Part 1 Handstand Prep, and Part 2 Handstanding Principles in Tadasana to deepen the knowledge of what you will learn here) me and my good friend Marysia Weiss (yogi, teacher and co-author of THEHotandHealthy Blog) talk about the principles of alignement in Plank pose and Handstand (Adho Muhka Vrksasana) and their similarities.

So in essence you can practice these principles every time you arrive in plank pose as a way to build strength, and the muscle memory in your body in preparation for handstand! Enjoy!

Many thanks to my good friend and local wellness coach Sean Trace who did the filming of this video and to Yogis Anonymous for letting us film there!

Handstand Tutorial Part 2: Handstanding Principles in Tadasana with Angela Kukhahn and Marysia Weiss

Welcome to Part 2 of our ongoing series about learning Handstands. (Watch part one Handstand Prep to deepen what you will learn here) In this video we will talk about finding the component parts of handstand in everyday garden variety poses such as Tadasana (Mountain Pose to you non-sanskriters)

My friend in this video is Marysia Weiss, she is a yoga teacher, aspiring chinese medicine doctor, friend and co-author of THEHotandHealthy blog. (Which by the way you should definitely check out!)

Thanks to our video guy  Sean Trace a good friend and a local wellness coach in Los Angeles, and to Yogis Anonymous for letting us film at their lovely studio! Enjoy!

Handstand Tutorial Part 1: Handstand Prep Video with Angela Kukhahn and Marysia Weiss

A very tongue in cheek video explaining the basics of handstands found in every pose with my good friend, yoga teacher and co-author of THEHotandHealthy blog Marysia Weiss. This video is #1 in an ongoing series of videos explaining handstanding and its key component parts found in basic poses! Video is by Sean Trace a local wellness expert. Enjoy!

Levitation at 9,000 Feet

Here is a short video I took of Brock and Krista Cahill’s yoga class at Wanderlust this year! As I hav mentioned previously I had the pleasure of being their yoga assistant this year which was such an honor and so much fun! The view is breathtaking to say the least and the class was fun, challenging and inspirational as usual. Nothing quite beats handstanding at 9,000 feet in the air overlooking Squaw Valley let me tell you!

Watch the video it will make you laugh, as in true Brock and Krista form they begin the class, after a few Om’s and opening words in one of their all-time favorite poses ( second only to handstand that is..) Navasana (boat pose)!

Too Cool For School? Yogis I Now Present To You “Hipster” Yoga

This is hilarious and thought I’d share…“Hipster Yoga”


1. Shift your weight onto the right leg.

2. Use $15 Casio keyboard because bad sound is good.

3. Bend the left knee and grasp the inside of the left earmuff with the left hand.

4. Bring the right arm up toward the ceiling as you flip scarf over left shoulder.

5. Put stamps on hand and tell friends that you went to a bunch of awesome shows.

6. Repeat on the other side with different colored earmuffs (optional).

Adapted instructions from