Yoga: My Story

Angela’s love for yoga began in 2003 after she refused surgery following an awful car accident that damaged both of her knees. Fortunately, fate had it that she stumbled upon a beautiful studio called the Adiaya Yoga Sanctuary where she met her compassionate teachers Dy Tysen and Rachel Sellars. Yoga healed her broken knees and sparked a fire inside of her. The flame was lit and she knew she wanted to teach!

She completed her first 200hr teacher training with Yogaworks in New York city. She then migrated to sunny Los Angeles to study under the brilliant Annie Carpenter. After completing the 6 month mentorship program at Yogaworks she spent a month in Sydney, Australia as Annie’s teaching assistant.
Annie’s alignment-based style of teaching has had a profound effect upon Angela’s teaching style. Other teachers that continue to shape Angela’s teaching include Brock and Krista Cahill, Vinnie Marino, Kathryn Budig, Dice lida-Klein, and Briohny Smyth.
Angela offers a physically challenging class where her students are encouraged to have fun and grow at their own pace. She invites you to join her in an exciting exploration on your mat!

Angela currently teaches at Yogaworks (El Seguundo, CA), and Yogaworks Westwood and privately. You can also watch her archived yoga classes online at

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.”
– Ralph Waldo Emerson.

7 thoughts on “Yoga: My Story

  1. om and hey

    joisey yoga teacher checking out the hafiz on your site
    i did notice your quote about what lie behind us and what lies before us…. i thought that was r.w. emerson

    my fav too


    1. Shri,

      Welcome, and thanks so much for checking out my blog! I am so glad that you pointed out that that quote was actually Ralph Waldo Emerson and not Oliver Wendell Holmes. Oops!


    1. Hi Marylee,
      I have actually been on your blog already and love it!
      You will notice that I added you to my Blogroll so my readers can find your lovely blog as well here! Many blessings, and thanks for stopping by!

  2. Hi Angela,

    I’m thinking yoga might help my knees, but I thought I’d check with you after reading your story. My knees are both very stiff. I know metaphysically that this is the result of my own inflexibility to excuse someone in my past who lied to me (the lie put me in prolonged danger – it wasn’t trivial). I have been working on the forgiveness part, but I’m thinking I’m somewhat limited now in my exercise options with these stiff knees. Were your knees stiff after the accident? Do you think yoga will eventually help to repair mine?



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