Astrology For Us All; Lunar Beltane, Eclipses and You by Chani Nicholas

Astrology For Us All;
Lunar Beltane, Eclipses and You
by Chani Nicholas

Today’s full moon is one of the largest moons of the year, it’s a full moon at perigee which puts it very close to the earth. She has added influence over our emotions, moods, bodies and daily rituals when full and even more so when she is this close to us. This moon is called Lunar Beltane as May 1st marked one of the four cross quarter days (it falls in between the spring equinox and the summer solstice) of our year. It is celebrated in many pagan festivals originating in Europe as Beltane, Bealtine or Walpurgisnacht. If you are of European decent these can be powerful rituals and days to participate in, especially if you feel disconnected from your religion of origin as these are quite possibly your great-great-great ancestors traditions. Celebrating in ways that reflect our ancestral lines is what Native American healer and educator Eduardo Duran suggests we do to move deeper into our center. This time of year symbolizes the body of the Goddess coming to maturity and is reflected by the bodies of young women starting their menses. The Earth/Goddess is now at the height of her fecundity ready to receive the male (think phallic shape of the May pole and the weaving of the ribbon around it being symbolic of the union of male and female). In earth based cultures sexuality is an extension of the cycles of the earth and therefore sacred, as is the monthly blood of a woman.

This cross-quarter day falls within the sun sign Taurus and the full moon (Lunar Beltane) in Scorpio tonight at 8:35 pm PDT. Both Taurus and Scorpio are signs that promote the investigation of resources, worth, sensuality, sexuality and the power of our bodies. This festival is not about sexual orientation, or valuing one orientation over another, it’s simply the act of opposite energies coming together to create life. This union can happen within the body of a single person or in the union of any coupling no matter what the gender of the people involved. This festival is an affirmation of life and the celebration of the turning of the season. At this time the Goddess/earth is impregnated and will give birth on the summer solstice when gardens and crops are overflowing with abundance.
Functioning mostly as a linear and chronological society we tend to view history on one long continuum. Festivals and seasonal rituals remind us about the mysteries and the power of living life as a cyclical experience. When connected to the rhythms around us we are reminded of our inner process and can then link our personal lives to the great mystery of creation.
May 1st is celebrated as International Workers’ Day and there was a global uprising of protests for the fair treatment of the world’s working class this year as part of the Occupy movement. There were peaceful and non-peaceful protests, poetry readings, educational seminars, riots and marches, everything that this springs astrology is pointing to. This time could be summed up as “Eclipse Season” which is a sort of spiritual spring training. Before heading into eclipse season, Venus, Goddess of Love, Attraction, Passion and Relationships will go retrograde on May 15th. Representing our values, our sense of self-worth, what we own, what we produce, art, culture and that great mystery of partnership, this retrograde period will have us reviewing all of that material on a personal level and on a societal level. Do we value human life or profit? Do we value our own opinions or do we let corporations define that for us? Do we value community and relationship or commodity and greed? Days after Venus goes retrograde we will have the first of 3 eclipses like events starting with the new moon/Solar eclipse on May 20th.
The solar eclipse is followed by a full moon/lunar eclipse on June 4th and on June 5th Venus will conjunct the sun, another eclipse-like event that will not happen again in our life times. Eclipses are wild cards and points of activation for us personally and globally. There is nothing to do in preparation for them besides meditating, doing your spiritual practice and keeping them in mind as we are already feeling their effects. It is interesting to note that in traditional Western astrology there are only two planetary bodies that are related to Goddesses and they are the moon and Venus. This May/June both are eclipsing the sun, the primary light source of our solar system (that is seen as a male) and the integration point for the energies of the rest of the planets. Venus is the focalized creative power of the moon, and she will be infuses and energized by this transit to the sun. This transit is asking us to move deeper into our center, into our passions and into our creativity. Stay true to what you need, what you want to attract and what holds worth to you personally. Keep a watchful eye for habits of putting others first instead of taking care of yourself, co-dependency in relationships and resentments that build in you as a result. Consider how you can cultivate a greater appreciation for your unique contribution to the world and see how that is reflected back to you in your paycheck and in your partnerships. Take time to take care, take a step back to gain perspective, take moments to reflect and take heart; you are not alone!
Lunar Beltane Blessings and Prayers of Freedom and Peace For All!


Aries and Aries Rising

What has been of greatest concern for your development as of late is following your impulse and allowing yourself to be consumed in experience that brings you closer to knowing yourself. There has been a great need for you to act on instinct and go with any sort of illuminating idea that you get, carving your path step by step. You are being fortified this month by the arrival of Pallas Athene, Goddess of Wisdom and Justice, in your sign. Her astrological glyph is a diamond on top of a cross symbolizing the Spear of the Protectress. She will be with you until October as a great mobilizing force gifting you the courage to initiate what you know you must. I hope you are keeping a journal of what inspires you and that you are letting your ideas cross pollinate with like-minds. Mid May Mars (your planet) will trine Pluto helping you to focus your desires and direct your energies with great power towards what you want. The Full moon on the 5th of May could bring some business venture or romantic partnership to a head. Remember it’s the Beltane moon, a time when we honor the Goddess and all her sensual spring appetites (use birth control if you don’t want an extra plate and the chanuka/quanza/christmas/holiday table). The new moon/solar eclipse on the 20th of May will be in your third house of siblings, communications and your environment. I suggest not picking a fight with your sister, brother or neighbor and instead changing up the scenery. Go for a drive or short trip, air yourself out and take Pallas Athene with you. Venus is going retrograde in your third house as well mid month which will “help” you (it’s good to use positive words for challenging times) review your communications in relationships especially with aforementioned peoples of the third house. All things considered, take advantage of the first two weeks of May and the brainstorms it will bring.

Taurus and Taurus Rising

This is quite a birthday year for you and I suspect you are feeling some change blowing about. There is a transit that in early June that you are most likely feeling now, Venus conjunct the sun. This transit should enhance your ability to focus your desires and I suggest getting as cozy as you can with what you hold dear, if you were to die this time next year what could you do for the next 365 days that would be valuable? Jupiter will finish up its cycle in your sign as of June 12th so there is still time for you to play the cosmic lottery, roll the dice and keep asking for what you want. The end of May and the beginning of June could cause a lot of upheaval for us all, it’s impossible to predict what exactly will happen but we are all being asked to get really real with our world and ourselves. The important thing for you to remember is that change is uncomfortable and somewhat unnatural for you, but it’s not bad. I have an experiment for you: on a sticky note write, “With every transformation comes the opportunity to build a better foundation.” And then stick it on your laptop screen or mirror and every time you feel yourself digging your heels in and being resistant, read it. The full moon on May fifth is a big one for you as it’s in your opposite sign of Scorpio highlighting your opposite nature and possibly your other half if you are in a relationship(s). The new moon on May 20th is also an eclipse which could cause challenges for you in terms of finances and/or real-estate so get all of that as secure as early in the month as you possibly can. Your planet, Venus is going retrograde on May 15th in the same house and she rules our wealth, values, resources and relationships, another reason to get finances in order ASAP.

Gemini and Gemini Rising

Without being overly dramatic, it would be a wild understatement to say that this is a big month for you. This is one of those months that will bring events that will affect you for years to come; I would say about four years on the outside and at the very least the next six months. More than what ever outside events are to occur, what is important now is your reactions to them. Think of this time as a cosmic black belt test, the events truly are secondary and they are only happening so that you may see how far you have come and in what ways you can better take care of yourself. On the 15th of May Venus goes retrograde in your sign and then on the 20th of May the Sun enters your sign with a new moon and a solar eclipse, how’s that for a party? Most of you have been feeling the push into unfamiliar territory and see yourself at a cross roads, tipping point or crucifix of sorts. Prepare yourself for the journey that this spring will bring, as if you are moving through dragon territory. Dragons are symbols of power, wisdom, longevity and magic but they are not beasts to be taken lightly. Tread this ground with purpose and caution, taking each step as an oath to yourself to move closer to your center.

Cancer and Cancer Rising

One of the most important things you could do this month is write a list of all the things about yourself that you try to hide. Also write a list of all the things about yourself that you feel like you have healed. Write yet another list of things that you felt shame about when you were a child. As you write notice all the feelings that arise, especially difficult ones like fear, remorse and guilt, don’t go into those feelings but just keep your eye on them. Pay close attention to the things that give you the most emotional charge as you write them. This month your astrology is asking you to understand what it is you hide from yourself. Sometimes the things we feel we have overcome are still alive and well in fantastic disguise. Part of your growth is being stunted by the energy it takes to keep a part of yourself or your behavior hidden and this month’s eclipse on May 20th and Venus’s retrograde cycle (May 15th-June 27th) help you shed some light. Lets be clear about this, you are only hiding this trait/habit/pattern from yourself, it’s in plain view to the world at large. There is a connection between doing this work and allowing new people into your life. There is an integration that you are seeking now and as you let your monsters out from under the bed and into the light of day a swift and speedy shift will happen in terms of who appears in your life. The new relationships are a reflection of what you love and what inspires you.

Leo and Leo Rising

There is a lot of activity in your public life/career/social life lately. The full moon will bring an issue at home to light, possibly with a parent, family member or in your actual physical space. There is a review happening for you in terms of what groups you identify yourself as being part of, especially in terms of female friends. The new moon/solar eclipse on the 20th brings this issue to light, eclipses have a way of exposing something to us we haven’t had the capacity to see. It is a great time to start new relationships, friendships and memberships. This is aided by Mercury’s transit through your tenth house of career and public life as of the second week of May. Your emphasis should be on developing your business/work life. Have as many conversations about it as you can, talking to the right person may be the one thing that changes our lives the most. This is a fantastic time for you to be noticed and appreciated for your unique style and contribution to the world. Be your fabulous Leo self and shine on, you crazy diamond.

Virgo and Virgo Rising

There is a tremendous amount of study that you have taken on lately, it may have been formal education or something as informal as studying the unfolding of nature, but it has been deep. It’s fitting if you have been traveling abroad, discovering new places or internally venturing into new terrain. It may not be your inherent nature to throw yourself out into the limelight or toot your own horn but later this month the focus will be on you and your contribution to the world. Whatever you have been studying or developing will become very useful in your career life. With an eclipse right at the top of your chart on May 20th something about your relationship to the world at large will be put to the test or you may be thrust into the spotlight at work. Perhaps there is a decision that needs to be made about which road your will trudge, if so this month will push you one way or another. Mars, still in your sign, will be bolstered once more my a trine to Pluto mid month and this should help you find your confidence and direction to continue on your path with more focus and courage. Venus will go retrograde mid May and it is going to affect you either financially, legally or in real estate issues (if you are looking to buy or sell your home I wouldn’t do so until late August). Venus retrograde may even have you reviewing your career relationships and how you show up in that sector of your life but most likely what you will be reviewing is your deepest desires in terms of your work. This season of eclipses will bring you many opportunities to know what exactly it is that you are after.

Libra and Libra Rising

This is a big month for you as your planet, Venus, goes retrograde on May 15th. Venus can be one of the more challenging retrograde cycles because she asks us to review all of our relationships (she symbolizes women specifically) to everyone and everything. She also asks us to review what we value; resources, money and property included. This retrograde cycle starts off with a trine to Saturn who has been in your sign for the last two plus years testing you, challenging you and ultimately strengthening you. Both Saturn and Venus can be stern taskmasters and their combination is symbolic of having the structure needed to contain the abundance desired. Saturn goes direct on June 25th followed Venus on June 27th, which further links these two in your chart. These retrogrades are going to help you finish up whatever deep karmic lessons you have been experiencing and Venus specifically is helping you review your beliefs and philosophies which the eclipse on May 20th will highlight for you as well. This is a big season for all of us but to me it feels like you are entering the last leg of the race. On June 5th Venus will conjunct the sun something that will not occur again in our lifetimes. Imagine the energy of the morning/evening star, the light that all civilizations have watched since the dawn of time moving in front of our main source of light and center of our universe. What could this Goddess have to tell us? Why is she stepping out now? I believe this transit will help many of us harness our creative potential in new and unforeseen ways. Like a magnifying glass Venus will help us direct the rays of the sun, but we have to be considerate of where we direct the energy.

Scorpio and Scorpio Rising

This month starts of with a full moon in your sign on May 5th. Scorpio full moons are the Beltane moon. Beltane is a cross quarter day (a day that falls in between the equinox and solstice) and is a celebration of the fecundity of the earth. The Goddess receives her lover and is impregnated. Celebrating these times remind us of our inner process as they give us a context within nature and therefore place us inside the great mystery of creation. We can see ourselves inside a larger story when we participate in mythic rituals and that lets us know we are not alone. This is an important connection for you to feel as so much of your chart is still focused on relationships. There is a lot to be learned by hindsight and mid-May will bring a review of the bonds that you have with others. Pay close attention to any shared resources and businesses you have started with others, this month you will be re-evaluating your position. There are clues in your emotional, psychological and financial inheritances as the first eclipse on May 20th is going on in your home territory, the eighth house. Some of you will be experiencing difficulties regarding your taxes and money owing, but what I would suggest is paying attention to who you put your resources into. What relationships drain you and which feed you?

Sagittarius and Sagittarius Rising

We are re-entering eclipse season and the full moon on June 4th will wrap up the last of the eclipses in your sign for the next eight years. What this means is that you are rounding out a time in your life that has been tremendously growth enhancing and important, especially in the areas of self and relationship. How you have faced challenges in that past year has set many patterns and a tone for the coming years of your life. Many of you will have your mind on details at work for the month of May and it’s a great time to get a lot accomplished there. The end of the month will bring a tremendous amount of energy and focus to your intimate relationships and you will get to see through an event with a loved one exactly how it is you are showing up in relationship to others. You have a need for a wide variety of relationships so that you can receive a diverse taste of life through those you love, and you love many. Mid-May when Venus goes retrograde in your 7th house of relationships you will have a chance to review, revise, renew and replenish any part of your intimate affairs that may need it. As well the eclipse on May 20th will be in the same house and bringing up the same material for review. The deeper you look the more rewards you will have in all affairs of the heart.

Capricorn and Capricorn Rising

May’s astrology seems to be conspiring to integrate your recent trips to the healing emporium, you seem to have been shopping in the isle marked “Initiation Into Wholeness”. Keep some of this stock on hand as you will need it to better prepare you for June. Chiron and Pluto have entered a long and much needed affair that spurs you into growth. Both have to do with an impulse toward healing and evolution; Chiron focuses energy on specific issues while Pluto is a slow deep transformation and regeneration. Paying attention to how you are using your mind will be of great benefit to you. What thoughts are on repeat? How is your mind using you? Can you apply your talent for discipline to training your mind to focus on what is, not what could go wrong? The eclipse on May 20th will happen in your sixth house so I would consider preparing for an adjustment of some kind. It may not be that painful but just keep that week open for an “anything is possible” kind of healing opportunity.

Aquarius and Aquarius Rising

Conception, fertilization and creation are my words for you this month. From nothing comes something. You are considering what you are creating and how your values are reflected in what you are bringing forth. Consider your biological/cultural creation myth(s). Many of us come from at least a few different stories, pick one this month and do a little research on it. Dig until you find a piece that resonates with you and see how it’s being reflected in your life and your art. Personal self-expression is an important point of integration for you and you may feel like you are at a cross roads or a crux this month in this area of your life. Valuing our specific ancestry is an important step towards self-alignment, self-respect and self-reliance. Sometimes we must go way, way back tracing our roots like a feline stalking her prey with great focus and intense interest. Search until you find that piece of yourself that will helps you bring forth the next something from nothing. Take what you have learned and use great focus to bring it forth into your life as if it were your own child, because it is.

Pisces and Pisces Rising

This month will bring you important information about your position in your community and how to be an effective agent of change in it. This could be as small as an anonymous act of kindness to deciding to run for office. It doesn’t matter what the act is as long as it’s authentic and from the heart. There is still someone in your midst that is challenging you to move through life in a deeper more authentic way. With this person notice how you are pulled, where you are pulled and how quickly you can come back to yourself. There may even be someone that you consider powerful in your midst, someone who could open up new worlds socially, be careful not to put them on a pedestal. Keep the focus on what is meaningful to you and keep your awareness on yourself. You have a lot brewing in your interior around the time of the new moon on May 20th and I think it’s a good idea to keep it on the inside for the moment. It’s never good to prematurely expose an idea, emotion, thought or piece of art before it is ready. The most private rooms of your psyche are full of ancestors, guardians, spirits, angels and beings that have come to give you information. Venus will go retrograde May 15th for 6 weeks in an area of your chart that suggest it would be a good time to look at issues around lineage specifically with the women in your life. Listen closely to the ghosts if they arrive, they aren’t here to frighten, but they may need your help to evolve themselves.

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