Yoga Girl Video and Whole Foods Parking Lot

Did you miss the whole Foods parking lot video? How about Yoga Girl? These videos are a MUST see!

I predict the Yoga Girl video and Whole Foods parking lot videos being the  best music videos of 2011, but I guess I’m a bit biased! These yoga music videos are hilarious, genius even,…and it all takes lace in my back yard here in Santa monica, CA. Yup! I have friends in music videos now, I think that quite possibly just made me a little cooler.sweet.

If you are a yoga girl yourself you are probably know that those lululemons can sometimes garner attention  of the male variety, for better or for worse.

Case and point…

Monday I had just finished teaching a class and was about to eat lunch at Whole Foods with a friend and got asked by a couple of extra friendly guys to sit and have lunch. We declined, but I did give one of them my card when he said he wanted private yoga lessons. When he contacted me later that day it turns out he did indeed want  lessons, with one small caveat…it had to be naked. Very funny.Needless to say no lessons took place.

Then yesterday a kind gentleman struck up a conversation in line at Whole Foods (I am seeing a pattern here) and then asked me if he could hire me to be his yoga dominatrix. I laughed. He said “I’m serious”. I explained that although having my students hold plank pose in a hot room is probably somewhat similar, dominating someone was not my thing. We parted ways with him slightly disappointed and me giggling inside and wondering what the hell is up with yoga girls and guys who go to Whole Foods.

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