Five Ways To Stay Fit And Sane During The Holiday Season

Here Are A Few Simple Ways To Stay Fit, Feel Great And Maintain Your Sanity During The Holidays.

Do holidays leave you feeling drained and flabby?

Even the best intentions sometimes get laid to waste during the eggnog-fueled, candy-ridden, hustle and bustle of the holiday season. Not to mention the guilt that sometimes goes along with turning down another slice of grandma’s pie,…that oh, by the way, she baked especially for you!

Overindulgence is practically synonymous with the holiday season and sometimes a source for a great deal of anxiety for those of us who still want to slip into the same size yoga pants at the end of all the craziness.

Is that vain?

Sure, I will admit to a little vanity, but why does love have to come with love-handles?

I mean surely there is a way to stay sane, and fit and leave everyone at home feeling loved without busting your pocket-book or the seams on your favorite yoga pants. Below are some of my favorite strategies…

  1. Lend A Helping Hand In The Kitchen. Yogis don’t complain, they pitch in and help out. Roll up your sleeves and help out a  little! Is there a farmers market near mom’s? Great! Buy some fresh veggies and introduce them to some exciting new dishes! With a little effort your family will soon be having a love affair with Kale and even better mr. fatty mashed potatoes  will have to make room for some new friends on the dining room table.
  2. Make Fitness A Family Affair. So you can’t convince your mom to turn on the stove full blast and crank the heat in the house so you can make her place into your own personal hot yoga studio? Don’t despair. Baby steps  lil’ yoga tiger! If your family isn’t into yoga try taking them on a brisk morning walk, sledding, ice-skating or any other calorie-busting activity that is fun and gets everybody moving.
  3. Tricks Are For Kids…And Bored Grown-Ups! Sometimes you must have a few tricks up your sleeve to grab people’s interest. If it seems impossible to get your “too-cool-for-school” teen-age cousin to try a yoga class try teaching him how to balance on his hands in crow pose. Can’t get your mom to go with you to your morning vinyasa yoga class? Try teaching her cat-cow after a long day of shopping to loosen up tight lower back muscles. You get the idea….
  4. Redefine Your Idea Of A Workout. Stir crazy? Before the hamster in your head runs off of its wheel get up off of your tuckus and DO something! Shovel snow, rake leaves, or help your mom re-organize the garage. Focusing on how you can be of service or seva (self-less service) doesn’t have to be completely self-less to earn you some good karma points…and you will feel great doing it too!
  5. Stay Present And Practice Gratitude. Let’s face it, the holidays are a total sensory overload. I promise though that drinking yourself silly or trying to get grounded by gnawing your way through a pile of stuffing is not the answer. Wake up early to carve out some time for yourself or step away from the din once in a while to practice gratitude. Sure, your family isn’t perfect and things are chaotic. Sometimes it may feel like you are being swept up in holiday that focuses on draining your pocketbook and adding another digit to your pant size. However, at the heart of the holiday season is an opportunity to re-connect with loved ones and be grateful for the families we’ve been given. Whether they are blood relatives or just a motley bunch of characters that are dear to our hearts, the holidays are about bonding with your family. Take a moment to remember why you braved holiday traffic, long airport lines and general holiday insanity in the first place. Reconnect to the true meaning of the holiday season. Breathe, count your blessings, review the things you LOVE about each family member, and then get out there and spread the love!

Here’s To Happy Holidays, Family, Sanity and Staying Fit!

Yoga and Breakdancing Video

If you love yoga, music and dancing as much as I do then this video will blow your mind!

Yoga Girl Video and Whole Foods Parking Lot

Did you miss the whole Foods parking lot video? How about Yoga Girl? These videos are a MUST see!

I predict the Yoga Girl video and Whole Foods parking lot videos being the  best music videos of 2011, but I guess I’m a bit biased! These yoga music videos are hilarious, genius even,…and it all takes lace in my back yard here in Santa monica, CA. Yup! I have friends in music videos now, I think that quite possibly just made me a little cooler.sweet.

If you are a yoga girl yourself you are probably know that those lululemons can sometimes garner attention  of the male variety, for better or for worse.

Case and point…

Monday I had just finished teaching a class and was about to eat lunch at Whole Foods with a friend and got asked by a couple of extra friendly guys to sit and have lunch. We declined, but I did give one of them my card when he said he wanted private yoga lessons. When he contacted me later that day it turns out he did indeed want  lessons, with one small caveat…it had to be naked. Very funny.Needless to say no lessons took place.

Then yesterday a kind gentleman struck up a conversation in line at Whole Foods (I am seeing a pattern here) and then asked me if he could hire me to be his yoga dominatrix. I laughed. He said “I’m serious”. I explained that although having my students hold plank pose in a hot room is probably somewhat similar, dominating someone was not my thing. We parted ways with him slightly disappointed and me giggling inside and wondering what the hell is up with yoga girls and guys who go to Whole Foods.

Yoga Video: Kick From Down Dog To Handstand With Angela Kukhahn

How To Kick From Down Dog To Handstand Yoga Video With Angela Kukhahn

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Happy Handstanding Yogis!