OM Magazine Cover Model

OM Yoga cover Angela Kukhahn photography by Jasper Johal I am so excited to announce that I am this months cover model for OM Yoga! I am grateful for my wonderful photographer friend Jasper Johal, who took the photo and submitted it to OM for consideration.

Never in a million years did I ever anticipate being on the cover of any magazine, let alone a yoga magazine of this caliber. What an honor!

Thanks OM, Jasper Johal and all of the wonderful teachers I have had along this yogic path!

8 thoughts on “OM Magazine Cover Model

  1. So happy to see you on the cover, Ang! You are such a generous, fun and kind-hearted yogi – this asana captures your spirit perfectly! I have Krista’s magazine from March – I will be sure to grab yours once it hits the stands here in Ohio!! xoxo, Marie

    1. Thanks Marie, that is so sweet of you to say! I feel so fortnate to be able to share this gift of yoga…as my job! It seems unbelievable to mehow lucky I am! By the way, awesome handstand, way to go girl! :))

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