“Happy Hanuman!” New Full Length Online Yoga Class on Yogis Anonymous Website

Angela Kukhahn in Fallen Angel yoga arm balance. Photo by Jim Knowles
Hi Yogis,
As most of you already know I am now streaming LIVE every Sunday from the Yogis Anonymous website from 8-9:30am (Pacific Time).
Here is a LINK to the newest full length online Yoga Class via the Yogis Anonymous website!
This class is all about hamstrings, sweat and flow! You will start out in a forward fold, progress through some creative, hip opening B Sun Salutes and finish the flow with a supported Hanumanasana (splits). We then top it all off with inversion playtime, backbend variations and sweet savasana!
I used my new vinyasa yoga Playlist No. 9 for this class. (Click ing the link will take you to my previous post with the names of the songs)  Or click on this link to go directly to my  PING playlist on itunes!
Photo by Jim Knowles

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