5 Fast Facts About Deep Breathing

deep_breathing1. Breathing helps to burn calories by better oxygenating the blood. A California study found that women burned 140 percent more calories with 15 minutes of breathing exercises than by riding a stationary bike.

2. How the body removes its waste products by percentage.


Breath   70 %

Skin  20%

Urine  7%

Feces  3%

3. Deep breathing strengthens weak abdominal and intestinal muscles

4. Because oxygen is alkalizing to the body and carbon dioxide is acidic, when we’re not inhaling and exhaling fully, we tend to become overly acidic.

5. Deep breathing enhances immunity by eliminating toxins. While the heart is the pump for the vascular system, the lymphatic system has no real pump: It depends upon movement (exercise) and breath for stimulation. Properly used, the lungs act as sort of a suction pump for the lymphatic system.

One thought on “5 Fast Facts About Deep Breathing

  1. Fantastic information that can be easily overlooked or underrated. Your life force is in your breath, your breath is your life force. It’s too easy to forget that breath awareness is life awareness.

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