“Heart of a Warrior” 2 Backbending Workshops With Angela Kukhahn

Angela Kukhahn in backbend

Heart of a Warrior: How to Backbend with Strength and Grace

In this workshop we will unlock the secrets of the spine so that your backbends blossom with strength and grace. We will explore the relationship between the pelvis and the ribcage to fully understand how you can achieve a deep, healthy and beautiful backbend! Come with an open heart, a willingness to sweat and the knowledge that you too can find joy in backbends! For beginners to advanced students alike, this workshop will deepen your understanding of backbends and encourage growth throughout your yoga practice!

Time: Sunday October 3rd 12:00pm-3:00pm

Price: $25 for Sunday or pay $40 and come on Sat for Andrew Wilkinson and Brian Aganad’s Arm Balancing & Inversion workshop!

This workshop will be held at Yoga Belly studio in Mountain View, CA

Location & Map Info

Don’t live in the Northern California?

Join me at The LA Sports Club (Sepulveda location) Sunday, November 14th from 2-4pm!

Everyone is welcome to come as this will be a promotional workshop which means FREE for you! Tell your friends and come for some backbending fun!

Please join me or pass the info along to someone you know by retweeting or Facebooking this info below! Thanks and Namaste! Angela

2 thoughts on ““Heart of a Warrior” 2 Backbending Workshops With Angela Kukhahn

  1. Angela, really enjoyed the class on friday. although i had to leave early would really love to try another one of your intense backbend classes. you are amazing.

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