Advanced Yoga Backbend Transition Video with Angela Kukhahn

Here is a video of me practicing an advanced yoga backbend in Krista Cahill’s class at Yogis Anonymous. Below is a yoga sequence that leads to the backbend in this video.

You should always warm up with some backbends and chest openers first such as…

1. Forward Fold “Uttanasna” with Hands interlaced behind your back (hold 5 breaths and then switch the interlacing and hold for another 5)

2. Cobra Pose with hands interlaced behind back (hold 5 breaths and then switch the interlacing and hold for another 5)

5. Sun Salutes A and Sun Salute B (5 rounds each is my preference but at least 3)

6. Low Lunge + Half or Full Hanumanasana (hold each 8 breaths)

9. Sirasana (Note position of hands as you will need this for the final pose)

7. Dhanurasana “Bow Pose” (2 rounds holding 8 breaths each)

8. Ustrasana “Camel Pose”

9. Supta Virasana

10. Kapotasana or Kapotasana prep

11. Bridge

12. Wheel (5 rounds holding 5 breaths each)

13. Dwi Pada Vipariti Dandasana

14. Eka Pada Vipariti Dandasana Variation (Final Pose!)

1.Come into Wheel pose with the crown of the head placed on your mat.
2.Lift your shoulders vigorously away from the ground to keep pressure off of your neck.
3. Line the elbow up with the shoulders so that they are in ine with and no wider than your shoulders.
4. Draw the shoulders into your shoulder sockets, away from the wall you are looking at and towards your hips.
5. Straighten your arms
6. Bend your right knee and set the shinbone flat on your mat.
7. Grab your heel with your hands and try to snuggle the crown of your head to your inner arch of your right foot.
8. Pull the elbows in as you press into the mat with your forearms and lift your shoulders up.
9. Wiggle the left foot free as your roll your inner thighs to the floor.
10. TA DA!

To come out: Step your left foot back in. Uncurl your right leg.

Cool Down

End with a gentle twist on your back (Hold and breath in to your lower belly to release your lower back muscle and spine), Happy Baby, a few forward folds (Paschimottanasana, Baddha Konasana, and Pigeon or Thread the Eye of the Needle), Plow, Shoulderstand, and a long, juicy, restful Savasana!

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