The Way I See It…

Angela Kukhahn in camel pose "ustrasana"

I Believe

That the truth lies within us all


We, get to choose,

What we want to believe

That none of us will ever be perfect

But we have all been perfect

At least once

I believe in taking a couple of momments, each day

To thank God,

That anyone loves us, the way they do

I believe, that good things happen to those who wait

But that it’s rude to hold your breath, while you are waiting

That starting over, is something that happens on a moment to moment basis

And we should never be ashamed, to start over

That being wrong, and knowing it sucks, like nothing else

And admitting we were wrong, out loud, sometimes takes, the greatest courage

That our bodies are a temple,

the house, that our souls rests in

But the beauty of the flesh, will never compare, with the beauty that lies within

That pride inevitably, comes before a fall

Look around,

Even God,

knows how to be humble

That if you want to see heaven, it is all around you

If you need a closer look, look into the eyes of children, observe animals

I believe, those who say the least, often speak the loudest

Wisdom is not in words spoken,

but by things felt by the heart

That things are relative,

no matter who we may think we are

And that judging others,

is one of the surest signs of human ignorance

I believe that making yourself small,

so others can be big
Will never make sense now or ever

That a heart that has been broken, often loves the deepest

And the suffering we despise, is often our best teacher

I believe, until you forgive yourself,

you will never believe that anyone could truly love you

And that there are places inside of us all,

so haunting

Even we, become afraid of the dark

I believe, in finding a way to love yourself
That you could only pray that someone could want to

I believe in taking a leap of faith, like you really mean it

Even when everyone, says you will land on your face

I believe that even scars, can bring back beautiful memories

Not everything, has to be perfect, to be perfectly wonderful

I believe in loving beyond what is easy,

I believe in loving beyond what is comfortable

I believe in a love that defies reason

I believe in a love that exists

I believe in finding out who you are, and f-ing liking yourself..

I believe in laughing, until your stomach hurts

And then keep laughing, until tears stream down your face

I believe

I believe

I believe


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