Getting Un-Stuck: Spiritual Housecleaning For The Yogi Soul

Brian Aganad giving Andy a yoga adjustment photo by Tara Rice

Even if we try not to, we inadvertently acquire too much “stuff” as we go along and we have two choices…

get rid of it…


let it bog us down…

According to Feng Shui it’s not always the mess in the garage that is the problem, but what it represents.

Clearing clutter is all about letting go, and letting go of the fear that we must hoard things because we lack faith in the abundance of the universe.

In order to make room in our lives for growth we must continually let go of that which no longer serves us.

This could be a toaster oven, a relationship, or boxes of stuff that should be given to Goodwill, there are many places were we hold onto things long after we should have let go.

Part of the problem is that we are continually being told we “need” things. It is part of who we have become as a society.

We are consumers and hoarders, and we live in a culture of “more is better”. Thoreau wrote “A man is rich in proportion to the number of things which he can afford to let alone.”

In yoga we move from the external obvious things slowly inward to the subtle work.

Over time our practice evolves from doing the perfect Triangle Pose to shedding self-defeating behaviors that are holding back our spiritual and emotional growth. Yogic philosophy calls these self limiting beliefs samskaras, these are the impressions left behind by previous thoughts and actions both good and bad. Samskaras are what keep us stuck like a broken record unable to change its tune, you either change the record or you get to listen to the monotonous song of your past karma!

Old attitudes, belief systems, prejudices, and habits that we hold dear are examples of samskaras. It’s what makes you judge a situation, person, place or thing in advance, and in so doing rob yourself from the real experience. It takes us out of the preciousness of living in this very moment and drags us into the past, preventing change.

Time to get off the merry go round of “what happened to me,” clean out those spiritual cobwebs and be free!

As a good friend of mine reminded me the other day, yoga is not just to make our bodies flexible, it is so our minds may be more flexible as well.

Our spirits and minds get bogged down with scars from past experiences that cloud the way we perceive things. In one word “Baggage”!

If it’s no longer serving you its holding you back, let it go!

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