Is There Arsenic In Your Food?

arsenicYesterday while browsing the web I came upon a very disturbing piece of news that I felt I needed to share.

They have found Arsenic in our FDA approved protein powders, in fact they have found heavy metals (get this!) in every protein powder they tested!

Though many of you have probably already heard, this news came as a shock to me! I do not regularly use protein powders, but I have dabbled with them in the past, and this is downright scary!
We lived in a high-protein, low-carb-obsessed society at the moment, and although protein forms the building blocks for muscle, help proper function of our immune systems and much much more we are (generally speaking) consuming way too much of it!

Too much protein can lead to dehydration, digestive problems, increase your risk for osteoporosis, and put a huge amount of undue stress on our kidneys.

An investigation appearing in the July issue of Consumer Reports finds that some protein drinks could be toxic, if you take too much.

Says CR’s Urvashi Rangan, “We tested about 15 different types of protein drinks. … And we actually looked for four different heavy metals. We looked for arsenic, cadmium, mercury, and lead.”

Test results found heavy metals present in all 15 drinks — some more than others.

Consumer Reports says three products were of particular concern — because consuming three servings a day could result in exposure to arsenic, cadmium or lead that exceed proposed limits for contaminants:

Eas Myoplex (Arsenic, Cadmium)
Muscle Milk-Chocolate (Cadmium, Lead)
Muscle Milk-Vanilla Crème (Lead)

Urvashi Rangan, Consumer Reports, said, “What we’re concerned about here is the chronic low level exposure of a heavy metal. And what people should know, is that heavy metals, once they come into our bodies, once they’re metabolized, they tend to stay there for a long period of time.”

In closing, as always it is probably best to stay as close to mother nature as possible when it comes to something you are ingesting! If you can’t pronounce the ingredients steer clear yogis!

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