Too Cool For School? Yogis I Now Present To You “Hipster” Yoga

This is hilarious and thought I’d share…“Hipster Yoga”


1. Shift your weight onto the right leg.

2. Use $15 Casio keyboard because bad sound is good.

3. Bend the left knee and grasp the inside of the left earmuff with the left hand.

4. Bring the right arm up toward the ceiling as you flip scarf over left shoulder.

5. Put stamps on hand and tell friends that you went to a bunch of awesome shows.

6. Repeat on the other side with different colored earmuffs (optional).

Adapted instructions from

Spiritual Gangster Video: Rise Of The Cool Yogi


Spiritual Gangsters: Rise Of The Cool Yogi

Sounds like a movie title, doesn’t it?

Well, that’s because I copied Transformers (Rise of the Machines) forgive me,..but I had to get your attention…

Onward and upward to the point of this post then…

(woot! woot!)

Well, before I get blasted for saying “rise of the cool yogi” what I mean by that is, when I was first getting involved in yoga I had a fear that fitting in with my fellow yogis meant wearing patchouli oil, not drinking my favorite wine and speaking barely above a whisper…(and a breathy one at that!)

Thank God, that is not the case!

In fact, I think this video is really proof of the fact that yogis are quite stylin’ these days! (and by stylin’ I mean we are setting trends and taking names, but don’t let it go to your head yogis…remember? No ego!)

You go Spiritual Gangster!

This video gets me all excited!

It makes me want to boogie around my living room wearing my stunner shades, a bandana, Spiritual Gangster clothes (of course!) and maybe even a mustache!

(and, sometimes I do,… mustache included,…video to follow!)

Enjoy My Spiritual Gangsters!

The Dream Song ~ By My Friend Matt McMahon

Dancing in rain

The Dream Song
I live my life like a dream
And create my own reality
I close my eyes when I sleep
And keep them wide open when I dream
Nothing is out of reach
My fantasies are handed to me
It feels like magic
Some good, some tragic
Life is not what it seems
So I get to choose what to believe
To find the truth inside of me
I live my life like a dream