Sugar: It May Be Cute but It’s Not Innocent

sweethearts cupcakes with sprinklesWords I repeat over and over in my head as I scurry quickly past the window full of beautiful, sweet and not so-innocent-looking cupcakes. Thank god for Manduka mats they make such excellent cupcake shields. Do you think they may want that for their next ad compaign?

” Yoga teacher and Manduka ambassador Angela Kukhahn pioneered the way to better health after dicovering that covering ones eyes with the Manduka Black Mat while in the prescence of sugary delights greatly reduced ones chances of  shoveling a cupcake into ones mouth while walking to yoga class.”

Manduka Mats also make great ‘sugar shields’, who knew?…simply, Brilliant!

Why sugar is bad (further evidence that Mrs Beasley and the devil may be in cahoots…as I always suspected…)

I gleaned some info from the author of this website

Of all the foods consumed today, refined sugar is considered to be one of the most harmful

Sugar contains no fiber, no minerals, no proteins, no fats, no enzymes,… only empty calories.

  • To digest sugar ‘borrows’ from your perfectly healthy cells since it is void of enzymes and nutrients leaving your body robbed of the building blocks of good health. (This is no Robin Hood think Cat Bugular…)
  • Likewise, the teeth are affected and they lose their components until decay occurs and hastens their loss.
  • Sugar is highly acidic creating a breeding ground for disease in the body
  • Sugar causes toxic waste to accumulate int the blood, the body and the brain speeding up cellular death.
  • Sugar makes the blood very thick and sticky, inhibiting much of the blood flow into the minute capillaries.
  • Sugar eventually causes Diabetes when the  pancreas can no longer produce adequate insulin. Diabetes is what happens when the poor ‘lil ‘ol pancreas throws in the towel. I can just see a my ‘lil pancreas marching in a stomping its angry ‘lil pancreas foot saying “I have had it with you and Yogurtland! One more episode and I’m outta here!” (Not that i like Yogurtland that much or anything, I mean I am just saying…)
  • Sugar leaves you with that “tired” feeling when the pancreas releases too much insulin. (Wow sounds fun…Good times!..not!)
  • Sugar causes and upset in the minerals in the body causing gallstones.
  • Sugar causes a variety of mental problems. Our brains are very sensitive and react to quick chemical changes within the body. It leads to a confused mental state and has also been linked with juvenile criminal behavior.
  • Full Moon in Scorpio on Wednesday ~ What’s in Store?

    fullmoon relatingFull Moon in Scorpio:

    For More astrology info click HERE

    L.A. – Wednesday 5.20
    N.Y. – Wednesday 8.20
    London – Wednesday 13.20
    Sydney – Wednesday 22.20

    I admit, I am a Scorpio and I got excited to see that there is an upcoming Scorpio moon.

    RAM: Scorpion’s full moon puts you in contest of wills. Part of you is going to have a blast. The other part of you might blast the doors wide open. Ask if you are fighting to assert your ideas, or if you are fighting for others to condone them.. ~Conformity and rebellion…both ways are simple-minded–they are only for people who cannot cope with contradiction and ambiguity. Neal Stephenson

    AUROCHS: The Scorpio full moon puts such a focus on your personal one-to-one relationships that you may do just about anything to get what you want. This works well if it entails letting go of habits, thoughts and behaviours that no longer serve you. It’s a bit of a monkey wrench if, in the process, you give you who you are. The one thing you can’t trade for your heart’s desire is your heart. ~Lois McMaster Bujuold

    TWINS: The full moon might have you feeling like escaping into your favourite fantasy world. This can be soothing, restorative even, as long as it’s not at the expense of the body. Get some physical challenge into your life to boost your Qi – gym, yoga, swims, long walks, cycle or sport. You’ll feel much better for it. A book’s alright when the weather’s foul and there’s nothing else to do, but why sit and read when the wind is calling your name? ~Mercedes Lackey

    COBRA: The moon is your ruler and of them all, the Scorpion offers the most profound creative wisdom. If you’re working on a project, take a few moments to release expectations and assumptions and go where the heart takes you. If there’s nothing on the table, get out the Crayons and play. Sometimes a butterfly will come to sit in your open palm, but if you close your hand, one way or the other, it–and its choice to be there–are gone. ~Barbara Hambly

    LION: Striving for perfection may cause some sparks this week. If it’s action you want, a kind of boxing match of the mind, go for it. All is well. But if you really are trying to make another person into someone else, someone you think would be better, less flawed, sit down with a cup of tea and have a rethink! I like the fact that in ancient Chinese art the great painters always included a deliberate flaw in their work: human creation is never perfect. ~Madeleine L’Engle

    CERES: With a full moon in your house of communications AND your ruler still retrograde in motion, what you say may not be heard the way you intend it and what you hear may not be what was actually said. It makes for potential misunderstandings! The best approach is postpone any crucial conversations, contractual agreements, public speaking engagements or debates for at least two more weeks. Which form of proverb do you prefer Better late than never, or Better never than late? ~Lewis Carroll

    BALENCIA: The full moon in your 2nd house of core values will be one of two things–exquisite peace and contentment or combative agitation. It won’t be b hard to tell which is which. What does it mean? If you’re feeling the former, your life is a playground of authentic expression. If you’re feeling the latter, there’s still some ways to go. Hint: Stop fighting the things you do not like and be yourself. Only yourself. To oppose something is to maintain it. ~Ursula K. Le Guin

    SCORPION: The full moon in your own sign can be a time of reckoning. There is a lot of Qi simmering beneath the surface, energy you can use in self reflection. The thing is, if you don’t take your own inventory, significant or not so significant others will take it for you. Suggestion: go for a walk, meditate, sit in nature. Be with yourself and ask some questions that count, like is this life a true reflection of me? Popular art is the dream of society; it does not examine itself. ~Margaret Atwood

    ARCHER: This full moon is a call to the wild side. Can you hear it? The urge is to extend your mind past the boundaries of your comfort zone and the prescribed confines of social norms. In the outer reaches of your imagination, there is a whole new world waiting. Honour it with a visit via active imagination, lucid dreaming, intentional paradigm traversing and spontaneous declarations of exuberance. ‘Normal’ is a dryer setting. ~Elizabeth Moon

    SEA-GOAT: This Scorpio full moon is designed for goal setting of the social variety. It’s a time to look at who your friends are and where they are going. (Studies show this is a strong indication of your own future.) If that doesn’t make you smile, get out and mix it up. Meet new people! It could bring a dream come true opportunity. When one is in the presence of the seemingly impossible, that which is merely unlikely becomes more plausible by contrast. ~C. S. Friedman

    WATER-BEARER: The Scorpio full moon is at the apex of your chart, highlighting career, mission profession, and your relationship to society. There is one question to ask and only one. Are you doing what you love? If you can not look in the mirror and say YES, YES, YES, what is the point? Freedom is nothing if it is not to live as you wish! Exactly as you wish! ~Isaac Asimov

    FISHES: The Scorpion full moon beckons you to explore new and untried ground. It can seem like the call of a siren, compelling and terrifying all at once. It might be easier if you stay on the sofa, but at what price. You’ll know yourself when you step out the door. Experience comes from doing, not from being told. Experiment and discover. Seek and find. It is not machinations of others that compel us to do so; it is our need to know. It is, in the end, the way we learn. ~Terry Brooks

    Kim Falconer lives in Byron Bay with two gorgeous black cats. She runs an astrology forum and alternative science site‚ trains with a sword and is working on the Quantum Encryption trilogy, the follow up to Quantum Enchantment, both of which are set in the world of Gaela, as well as on Earth. The first book in the new series is called Path of the Stray and will be out in August this year.

    Men, Yoga and Relationships

    Man in tree pose on top of car for manduka yoga mats

    Although most yoga classes are made up of predominately women, the landscape is starting to shift. These days about 30 – 50 % of the people coming to classes are Men. Regardless of its stereotype in the west, yoga was created by men for men.

    Although most of the guys I know may have introduced to yoga by a woman friend, they found that they enjoyed it, and continued to come, sometimes even after the relationship ended. Men may initially think they will not be able to relate to a form of excersize that is not a sport, or goal oriented. However, they may find they enjoy the community that a yoga classes provides.

    Men as they age tend to meet fewer new friends than women and that can be isolating. Yoga classes provide a enviroment in wich they have the opportunity to know themselves in a deeper way, as well as become a part of a community of like minded individuals.

    Yoga is all about relationships, internal as well as external.

    How completely we understand and relate to ourselves has a huge impact on how we relate to others. Men may find that through regular yoga practice they begin to connect more deeply to their intuition and emotions. This deeper connection to their own emotions, has a positive impact on all of their relationships, intimate or otherwise.

    Yoga not only connects us to our bodies and breath, but also to the people we love, our communities, and finally the world at large!

    Yoga Speak and Basic Sanskrit for the Yoga Newbie

    Angela Kukhahn in King Pigeon Pose (Eka Pada Rajakapotasana) Photo by Jasper JohalWhen I first found myself in a yoga class figuring out how to actually do Trikonasana (Triangle Pose) was a challenge enough,… let alone trying to learn the ancient language of Sanskrit. (the language of yoga)

    To say I found Sanskrit intimidating is to put it mildly. All I knew is that  all the names of the poses sounded alike since the name of each pose ends in the word asana. (asana means pose, so Trikonasana is Triko which means Triangle followed by asana which means pose.) All I have to say is Yogi rappers have a huge advantage, but I digress….

    After deciding I wanted to become a yoga teacher I was a little distraught  when I learned I was going to have to learn this ancient language of rhymes whether I liked it or not.

    I must admit, at first I didn’t really see the point, however, as a teacher it has become essential for me to have a good grasp on both the Sanskrit names of the poses and basic Sanskrit terminology.

    Click below for a few  great online resources to acquaint yourself with the Sanskrit names of poses, and commonly used yoga terms from the Sanskrit language.

    I found these websites extremely helpful for you “new to Sanskrit” yogis!

    This one is great because it has audio. The guy recorded his voice pronouncing the names of the poses in Sanskrit. If you click on the name of the pose it takes you to a page with photos of the pose and a description.

    Also try for pronunciation and great photos and descriptions as well!

    Also check out which gives you the poses and when you click on the pose it shows you all the different variations as well,…very cool!

    Also for the meanings of a lot of commonly used Sanskrit terms check out Yoga Glossary.

    Good Luck on your yoga journey!

    With That Moon Language ~ Poetry

    loveWith That Moon Language

    Admit something:

    Everyone you see, you say to them, “Love me.”

    Of course you do not do this out loud, otherwise someone would call the cops.

    Still, though, think about this, this great pull in us to connect.

    Why not become the one who lives with a full moon in each eye

    that is always saying,

    with that sweet moon language,

    what every other eye in this world is dying to hear?

    ~ Hafiz

    The Young Raw Coconut: Natures Very Own Sheriff (Call Me the Deputy/Damsel in Distress)

    I would imagine that should a young raw coconut ever get cast in a movie it would get a starring role as the sheriff.

    Why the sheriff you ask?

    (In fact you may even be wondering why a tropical fruit would get cast in an action movie at all)

    Allow me to explain…

    It seems to me in old westerns that the sheriffs role involves showing up unexpectedly to ‘clean up’ a town that has been overrun with rouge outlaws. (gasp!) He then heroically drives out the ‘bad guys’, restores order and of course wins the young maidens heart.

    I would say that is fairly consistent with what I know about coconuts. The young coconut came into my life unexpected, cleaned out the renegade bacteria in my digestive tract, restored balance in my body, and helped me lose a few extra pounds. Of course all of that chivalry led to us falling in love and living happily ever after!(The End.)

    The only thing is,….. I am not sure how a coconut would look in chaps,… however that is just a minor detail…

    Showing up unexpectedly: Coconuts are a natural sports drink without all the artificial colours and sugar (or even worse artificial sweeteners, hello Diet Red Bull…ick!) most people are unaware of how awesome coconuts are,….yet! (insert music from The Good, The Bad and The Ugly here)

    Driving out the bad guys & Restoring Order:Coconut oil is anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal and has one of the highest natural sources of electrolytes in nature. Electrolytes are ionized salts in our cells, that transport energy throughout the body.

    The molecular structure of coconut water is identical to human blood plasma, which means that it is immediately recognized by the body and put to good use. Drinking the juice from a young coconut is like giving your body an instant blood transfusion. In fact this was common practice during World War II in the Pacific, where both sides in the conflict regularly used coconut water, siphoned directly from the coconut, to give emergency transfusions to wounded soldiers.

    Winning the young maidens heart: Proven to aid in weightloss simply by eating them. (Medium chain fatty acids are sent to your liver to be converted to energy instead of being stored as fat and also boost your metabolism) Eat to lose? Oh, I am so in! (insert clip of me and the coconut riding off into the sunset here!)

    (*Please note however you do not have to be young or a ‘maiden’ to enjoy a loving relationship with young coconuts!)