Men, Yoga and Relationships

Man in tree pose on top of car for manduka yoga mats

Although most yoga classes are made up of predominately women, the landscape is starting to shift. These days about 30 – 50 % of the people coming to classes are Men. Regardless of its stereotype in the west, yoga was created by men for men.

Although most of the guys I know may have introduced to yoga by a woman friend, they found that they enjoyed it, and continued to come, sometimes even after the relationship ended. Men may initially think they will not be able to relate to a form of excersize that is not a sport, or goal oriented. However, they may find they enjoy the community that a yoga classes provides.

Men as they age tend to meet fewer new friends than women and that can be isolating. Yoga classes provide a enviroment in wich they have the opportunity to know themselves in a deeper way, as well as become a part of a community of like minded individuals.

Yoga is all about relationships, internal as well as external.

How completely we understand and relate to ourselves has a huge impact on how we relate to others. Men may find that through regular yoga practice they begin to connect more deeply to their intuition and emotions. This deeper connection to their own emotions, has a positive impact on all of their relationships, intimate or otherwise.

Yoga not only connects us to our bodies and breath, but also to the people we love, our communities, and finally the world at large!

3 thoughts on “Men, Yoga and Relationships

  1. This is really good! But, im curious about one thing. You mention that the yoga studio is a good place for men to meet other like minded people, but ive found that to be tough. Ive been practicing for a good 10 years now, off and on, but I rarely speak very often before and after the class and I do not think I’ve ever been a part of something that is yoga oriented in nature outside the studio. Not that I averse to it..i just haven’t. Perhaps I should be digging a bit deeper 😉

    In any event, keep up the good work!

  2. Hey Angela. You’re right. I’m finding more and more guys coming into yoga. It’s actually really great having other brothers in there. I feel like it’s a small but growing movement…guys moving more into their bodies and deepening a relationship to themselves all while deepening their loving masculinity.

  3. Men seem to really enjoy yoga but are unsure at first. It seems to me that they more easily fall out of a routine, maybe because they don’t know other men who do yoga. Men definately have muscle tension and stress issues, just as women do.

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