The Right Stuff: Top 5 Things You Need For Yoga Practice

Contrary to popular belief, yoga ‘props’ (straps, blocks ect.) are not for wimps! In fact, it is quite the opposite!

‘Props’ are for people who want to advance their practice.

If that is you read on…

I have made you a ‘lil list of my favorite yoga props and things you will need for this wonderful practice of yoga!

1. Mat: Manduka Black Mat
In the martial arts they give black belts to their advanced practitioners, in yoga they give black mats. I am only kinda kidding here folks,..The Manduka Black Mat is a must! You won’t be sorry. The people at Manduka are so confident it will last, they guarantee it for life!

2. Block: Huggermugger The Huggermugger block has just the right amount of ‘squish’ if you know what I mean. Grabbing a semi sturdy block is essential for doing Vipariti Karani (block var) a.k.a. “Martini Pose” my mentor and master teacher Annie Carpenter says“It is better at the end of a long day than a martini” (I agree!)

3. Strap: Yogitoes baby! If you want to master inversions this strap is your new BFF (Best Friend Forever). Give it a name (Mine is named ‘Crow to Handstand’ to serve as inspiration! Thanks to Miss Kathryn Budig for this very motivating video!) and bring it along everywhere you go. Now go gettim’ tiger!

4: ‘Yogitoes Skidless’ Yogitoesoes ‘Skidless’ mat covers are my ‘go to’ gift for all yogis (including myself, nothing makes my day like a new Yogitoes!) The ‘lil nubbies on the bottom do an excellent job at gripping a sweaty mat!

5: Amy and Brian’s coconut juice with pulp or Zico (in a pinch,…yes, you can be in a coconut water ‘pinch’ so to speak) If you are not on the coconut water band wagon yet, you will be! (And please see my other posts Crazy about Coconuts and Coconuts and Modern Medicine) Enjoy natures very own anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory sports drink!

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