4 thoughts on “Jesus and Yoga: Poll What do You think of Religous Hybrids?

  1. Religion is the attempt of a few individuals to control direct access to the Guidance of Spirit. This is in distinction to Spirituality which is the individuals direct connection to the Divine. Religion is a political event that controls individuals by enforcing a mythology of Seperation at the level of ideological substructure. Spirituality is Natural arise from the raw experience of Spirit manifest in a material world. Religion is a Cultural Construct that keeps people isolate4d from one another and in a constant state of competition over supposedly limited resources like Love, and Security, and Nurture and Divinity. At the Essential level, there is no difference between Christianity, Islam, Judaism (which all developed out of the same Abrahmic Lineage) Hinduism, Sufism, Vodou, Taosim, Shinto, Buddhism. The diffences are all merely semantic.

  2. I try not to but they keep getting shoved in my face. I believe that all systems are a form of manipulation and are therefore evil. Arguments over various religious systems are like arguments over various dog steamers. I happen to agree with YHVH, all of them stink to high heaven without exception.

    1. Everybody is entitled to their opinion, and I appreciate you sharing yours. My opinion is that everyone has their own relationship with God. The problem I have with organized religion is that it takes away from that sweet personal relationship and undermines ones own connection to God.

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