Lately I have been really thinking a lot about community, otherwise know as “organisms inhabiting a common environment and interacting with one another” (thank you Wikipedia)

As many of you know I had an injury last year that had me modifying my practice pretty dramatically for a good month and a half. So there I was at home with my dear little mat doing a very modified home practice. Sure, I missed my “full yoga practice”, but I realized it was more than that; I missed the “community” that comes with being in a group class. (Who knew I could wax sentimental over not being able to go a hot, intense, vinyasa flow class and hang out for 90 mins with a bunch of other sweaty people?) To my delight and surprise I received some” get well soon” notes from fellow yogis from class, asking me where I’d been, and wishing me a quick recovery!

This got me thinking about the importance of reaching out to one another, and how we need community in our lives. I think we humans have become almost too successful at building a world around us that allows us to be self sufficient, and capable of surviving on our own.

Not having to depend on our neighbors for survival is for the most part a good thing. However, I think for a lot of us that means not bothering to get to know our neighbors at all. There is something miraculous and wonderful about belonging and being a part of a “tribe” or “group”. We may not need each other to survive in a physical sense of the word, but we all do need others to spiritually and emotionally to encourage us and lift us up! Yoga means to yoke or “union” and it truly does bring us together. I am so amazed at the strong bonds of friendship and community that it has brought into my life!
Today as I arrived at my yoga class I marveled at the swarm of yogis coming and going from the studio greeting, hugging, laughing. I sat there feeling so incredibly blessed!
I encourage, and challenge you to get to know the yogi on the mat next to you; they may just turn out to be a lifelong friend.

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