Crazy About Coconuts!!!

Many of you know how much I love coconuts! They are excellent snacks. They last forever in your fridge, and seem to take forever to spoil. yes, I have a hatchet, and I know how to use it thank you verymuch.

An essential part of becoming a coconut lover, is figuring out how to get the darn things open!

Some of the benifits that I have noticed since eating them

1. They are delicous…mmmm, like natures pudding. love pudding, yum!
2. They are filling, and a perfect little mini meal
3. They seem to have a calming effect being a cooling food and I am very Pitta and run a little hot. Perfect for summer!
4. Coconut Meat and oil burn fat
5. Coconuts have a cooling affect on the body, great for hot summer days, and nights when its too hot to sleep
6. The Coconut Juice is great for rehydrating the body, and is like natures own perfect sports beverage! (Minus all the yucky added sugar, and toxic couloring)
7. They detoxify the body
8. They are low in fat, and calories.
9. They are antiviral, antifungal and are a natrual antibiotic

Check out what the ladies over at The HotandHealthy Blog have to say about their coconut love here Cu-Cu for Coconuts

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