Yoga Cats

Look how cute these cats are doing yoga. These are pictures from a yoga cat calendar taken by a woman who is a yoga teacher and animal lover. To see more click here YOGADAGZ.COM

This cat appears to be rocking handstand

Fear and all its Friends

You know exactly how to do it.

What is holding you back?


Fear is like a weed that attaches itself to your soul and sucks the life giving blood from your veins. If you allow yourself to be a fertile feeding ground it runs rampant devouring everything it touches.

It will find your weaknesses and exploit them, be it love relationships, career moves, or physical manifestations. It is indiscriminate, relentless and devoid of reason.

Yoga provides a way to face your fears head on and breath by beautiful breath dissolve them. I am not going to tell you this will be easy! This is Hard work!!! However if you are ready to practice being present with your fears and dig up the very root of where they have taken hold start your journey today!

Not tomorrow, or a better time!


Tomorrow your fear will have grown stronger,.. like a parasite, and you its willing host!

Be strong, be free, be willing to look into the dark corners of your being and uproot where fear has made its stronghold.

Start being the abundant talented and glorious human being you were put on this planet to be!

One step away from fear is one step closer to life!

Spanx does Swimsuits

You know the day you are going to meet your friends at the beach but you just got your your period and your itsy bitsy bikini feels 2 sizes to small? Spanx to the rescue!

Spanx is a company that puts out wonderful body shaping undergarments and they now make swimwear as well!

Look at these cute suits!

Obviously, you should always feel great about yourself whether you fit into your bikini or not, but hopefully that goes without saying! Yoga practice helps us dissolve our insecurities about our bodies so we can really fully appreciate and celebrate them!

I feel that any item of clothing that aids in that celebration is healthy and fun! I want to be 100% clear here that its not about fixing “problems” or “flaws” because these products are more about supporting and enhancing your natrual god given beauty!

Well, I am off to do some celebrating right now on my yoga mat at my mentors class. 🙂 Namaste!

Happy Yoga

If you are like me you have probably said something in the heat of the moment that you later regretted.

When we get upset our body begins to experience physical changes, stress hormones flood the system, as our body prepares for “fight” or “flight” . (As you can see “Be Nice” is not a priority)

It is times like these that we really need our yoga!

Patanjali says that when you find yourself approving of, reacting to, or acting in a negative way immediately follow it up with something equally positive or remove yourself from the situation. In this way we stop the negative thoughts, words, and actions before they gain momentum.

Now I know this may sound a bit silly at first, but try it, it really does work!

At the very least you will not be as quick to say something you will later regret.

Don’t allow others to draw you in with negative talk either. Follow up their negative comments with positive ones and see how long “Negative Ned or Nancy” keep talking to you.

If you find yourself unable to immediately find a positive thought, take a time out. Read something inspiring, take a walk, hang with people who love you. You may find that petty inclinations simply dissolve when you give yourself space to breathe.