Donation Yoga

I taught alot of yoga today and am sitting here sleepy and ready for bed 🙂

Proof of this is the fact that I am eating dried Kale and half of the coconut that I cracked open earlier for dinner. Bon Appetite!

Happy, content and tired..ahhhhhh

Ally Hamilton (owner of Yogis Anonymous with her husband Dorian Cheah) wrote a fantastic note explaining how the donation yoga thing works.

I often get asked about this, and since I can’t say it better I just reposted what Ally wrote from the Yogis Anonymous Facebook Fan Page

Today at 10:58pm

Q: People want to know, how is it possible to offer free yoga classes?

A: It isn’t.

We charge the teachers rent to teach at Yogis Anonymous. They keep the donations left by students. If they do well (enough students, good donations), they earn money. If not, they end up paying to teach.

We don’t want that to happen. There are at least three ways we try to avoid that scenario.

– First, we only choose teachers whom we believe offer something special, and, if they are newer, have what it takes to build a class.

– Second, we work hard to promote our teachers (that’s why it’s so important for us to really believe in them).

– And third, we try to make sure that all the students know that “donation” doesn’t mean “free”. The money you put in the box is not a tip. It’s the ONLY money the teacher gets, and they have to pay their rent and admin fees out of that.

SO… please donate fairly. We’re not saying don’t come if you can’t pay the suggested amount – we’re here because we believe everybody should have an opportunity to practice. But we ARE asking you to take a minute to understand how this system works, and how we all fit into it.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. We really love our teachers and want them to thrive. You can help.

Dorian & Ally

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