Spanx does Swimsuits

You know the day you are going to meet your friends at the beach but you just got your your period and your itsy bitsy bikini feels 2 sizes to small? Spanx to the rescue!

Spanx is a company that puts out wonderful body shaping undergarments and they now make swimwear as well!

Look at these cute suits!

Obviously, you should always feel great about yourself whether you fit into your bikini or not, but hopefully that goes without saying! Yoga practice helps us dissolve our insecurities about our bodies so we can really fully appreciate and celebrate them!

I feel that any item of clothing that aids in that celebration is healthy and fun! I want to be 100% clear here that its not about fixing “problems” or “flaws” because these products are more about supporting and enhancing your natrual god given beauty!

Well, I am off to do some celebrating right now on my yoga mat at my mentors class. 🙂 Namaste!

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