What’sLove Got To Do With It?

What has love and finding love got to do with the Yamas you ask? (Yogic guidelines for living peacefully and abundantly)Well,…alot, actually!

There are Yamas and Niyamas. The Yamas are how you approach the world and the Niyamas have to do with your inner world.

With Valentines Day fast approaching I have noticed every list imaginable on the internet. “5 to Find Love Fast”, “Ten Tips for Dating” and so on and so forth. I figured I may as well jump on the list bandwagon, but in my case see how the Yamas might be helpful in guiding you in your quest for love.

The Yamas:

1. Ahimsa ~ Nonviolence

The obvious of course is you don’t want to date someone who is physically violent, but hopefully you guys already have that one figured out. I would like to point out however it is important that you date someone who is not violent to themselves either. By non-violent I mean someone who is confident, happy, and secure. Another form of violence to oneself comes in the form of abusing ones body. You want your love muffin around for a long time don’t you? Well, then pick someone who is active, cares about what food (or anything ELSE they are putting in their body) and are emotionally healthy as well.

2. Satya ~ Truthfulness
Someone that is truthful is priceless. This is a non-negotiable! Watch out for the ones who lie about little seemingly insignificant things or tell tall tales. Just say no to Pinocchio!

3. Asteya ~ Nonstealing
Stealing comes in many forms, none of which are good. Notice, does this person take advantage of your time? Your good will? How about taking credit for things that they did not do?

4. Brahmacharya ~ Restraint
If you are not familiar with Brahmacharya it is typically used to describe the ethical guidelines for sex. If you want to save yourself alot of akwardness and grief, get to know someone before hitting the hay so to speak. Unless of course, you enjoy a luke-warm plate of awkward with a sprinkling of “I’m such- a- idiot” with your breakfast in the morning.

5. Aparigraha ~ Nonpossessiveness
Someone that allows you to be who and what you are in all your glory. A non-stingy lover of life! Someone who does not covet or horde things, or you for that matter.

Remember, like attracts like! Be the kind of person you want to have in your life and you will draw them in like a magnet.

(A big hot human magnet that is!)

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