Change: Friend or Foe?

Everything in life has a natural beginning, middle and ending. *sigh* I know, what a downer, hu?

You’d think as we get older and we do this “beginnings-endings” business it would just get easier, right? (I mean, throw me a bone here I am even starting to show some crow’s-feet….)


It is tough.

Change is tough!


The thing is with change I have learned however is that it teaches us non-attachment which is to me the real essence of yoga itself.

Whether something is good or bad, it changes.

One day you have a pounding headache, you’re stressed out, hating life and then you meet prince charming and poof troubles begone!

Okay, maybe not like that, but what seems important today or in this moment someday will be forgotten.

The pain you may feel, the heartache, the desperation, whatever it is had a beginning, and it has an end.

If you learn nothing more from change, learn that.

The pain that I feel in this moment had a beginning and it has an end.

so simple.


No pain lasts…

2 thoughts on “Change: Friend or Foe?

    1. It is so important to remember the temporary nature of pain. It comes, it goes. Just like our in breath and out breath, this is how yoga reminds us. You breath into whatever it is you are feeling in the momment and exhaling let go of whatever it is that you need to release. Namaste!

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